Ma and Pa Kettle — Financial Consultants

Ma and Pa Kettle are financial consultants to the federal government.  Many states hire them, too!  The Kettles are probably available to help you with your tax preparation, too.  Better hurry.  Tax returns are due April 15th.

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4 responses to “Ma and Pa Kettle — Financial Consultants

  1. I’ve seen that before. And you know what? It made a lot more sense this time around. Maybe I’m ready to be promoted! :)

  2. I love this clip. Thanks for pulling it out of the archives.

    It’s creationist reasoning all the way, and, I fear, it’s spreading to other issues all the time.

  3. My biggest fear is that in my old age, I shall become Ma Kettle.

  4. Sandra

    I always loved that one! Sure makes more sense than new math ever did!

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