1928 Ford Model A Coupe

My neighbor Bill is starting his Model A for its last tour of the neighborhood before the new owner takes it away. Photo by Cathy Sherman.This was the first and last time I saw my neighbor Bill drive his 1928 Ford Model A Coupe. He was taking it for a farewell spin, honking its ooga ooga horn.  The coupe has been sitting in his garage for more than two years, and now he’s sold it.  It was no longer a thrill for the youngest grandkids — now young teenagers — to putt around the town.  In a decade, they’ll miss the old car. 

The first day the ad ran, a man from Bonner Springs bought the car.  The new owner restores Model As and corvettes, and Bill predicts that after the new owner shines and improves this Model A, it’ll bring an even more handsome price than he had to pay.  The cheapest Model As rolled off the assembly line for $385.  Now these antiques command many tens of thousands of dollars.

Ford produced about 4.85 million Model As from 1927 to 1931 in dozens of body styles, including coupes, sedans, pick ups, panel trucks, station wagons, mail wagons, town cars and roadsters.


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2 responses to “1928 Ford Model A Coupe

  1. Texas Hill Country

    LOVE that car… I have been thinking about tracking one down for myself.

    I come from a Ford family (great grandparents worked for Henry in the original factory) and the Model A is a family icon lol.


  2. darcy schick

    I myself own a 1928 ford model a coupe with rumble seat. It’s an American made car. colour is robin egg blue with grey rims and white pinstripping. The car was restored in the early 1970’s in Canada. In the summer it can often be seen cruising the back roads of Saskatchewan. The car runs great and last year I put a thousand miles on it. Now it sits in minus 30 celcius weather awaiting spring. Then let the good times roll. God Bless Henry Ford


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