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Mona Lisa at the Art Fair

A young subject sits for a fifteen-minute masterpiece at the Prairie Village Art Fair on June 1, 2008. Other young madonnas wait, somewhat listfully in the hot afternoon, for their moment of immortalization.  Photo by Cathy Sherman  I’m an art fair junkie. Or is it groupie?  Every venerable shopping district in the Kansas City area has an annual art fair, each with its own flavor.  I like to taste them all.  I see artist friends and marvel at their stamina.  I wouldn’t last an hour in a booth!

The first circuit is in the spring, including Brookside and Prairie Village.  The Plaza Art Fair is the biggest one of the batch in the fall.  Art lovers and artists migrate from fair to fair.

 People go for entertainment, as a cheap social activity, to eat, and some even buy art. It’s fantastic art, even though it’s in a tent.  (I’d love to buy some, but I mostly go for the inspiration.  Artists are thinking, sourly: Great. Thanks. How does that pay my bills?)

Kids are often forced to tag along, wondering what the fuss is all about. It’s hot, it’s crowded, you can only eat so many ice cream cones, there are no cartoons.  At least, at one artist’s booth at the Prairie Village Art Fair, the kids can be the art.  For fifteen dollars and in fifteen minutes you are immortalized for posterity!

One artist I discovered this year paints people looking at art in galleries.  So we were art lovers looking at art of art lovers looking at art. www.jonsmithart.comArt lovers admire Jon Smith\'s paintings of art lovers admiring paintings at the Brookside Art Annual on May 4, 2008.  Photo by Cathy Sherman.


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