Tribute to Isaac Hayes

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain plays “Shaft”

My blogging friend Sincerae wrote a great tribute to Isaac Hayes and found this different — and amusing — musical take on Isaac Hayes’ “Shaft” by The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.  It made me smile while also honoring a very creative man.  Thanks, Sincerae!



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5 responses to “Tribute to Isaac Hayes

  1. Catherine,

    The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain’s take on Shaft made me smile too. I’m glad you like it. My brother who has the Shaft soundtrack on CD now, admits they are good, but he was not very amused
    😦 Too much of a purist I guess.

    Isaac Hayes was indeed a great modern artist: singer, writer, composer, actor, tried disco and did an early rap. He will be missed.

    Thanks also for linking to my post:)

  2. Catherine Sherman

    Whenever we create something, it belongs to the world in some way. That’s one of the things I liked about the Ukulele Orchestra doing this piece. I was so happy that you found it and put it on your blog. I could enjoy Isaac Hayes again, plus see a whole different world at that Folk Festival. You could tell that the audience immediately recognized and responded happily to the familiar strains. It gave them a new appreciation of the music. Many of the people in the audience will now want to hear the original verison again, so it gets a new life. Plus, ukuleles are just so cute!

  3. And thanks for listing me as your friend. I’m honored!

  4. Catherine Sherman

    I’m honored to be your friend, too. I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say and what you find! Thanks for the link to Emma Alvarez. She’s an amazing digital artist, and I’m going to check out her website.

  5. alwaysjan

    I SO got a kick out of this. Of course, Issac Hayes’ passing is not only a loss to the music world, but to “South Park” fans as well. He is “Chef.” Having just been in Cambridge last December, it’s nice to know that they’re having such fun in the UK!

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