The Last Word

Remember!  Families have the last word.  My previous post was about narcissism.  This obituary works well with that theme. (Thanks, Henry.)  What will people remember about us?  Some people don’t care, of course.  They truly live in the now and the nobody else. 


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3 responses to “The Last Word

  1. faemom

    Well, it goes to show you. You’ll be remembered for something. It depends on how you want to be remembered.


  2. lol, I’m truly sorry to laugh at such an awful occasion, but that is one CLASSIC obituary. We all have families like that (mine included), and the bigger they are the more such occasions can occur…but most (if not all) of the members of my family love each other, and although we may wrong each other from time to time and dislike each other for short periods of time, we’d never think of writing something about a loved one on their departure.


  3. Wow! But, you know, I admire her honesty. So many people create a total fantasy world around their real relationship with the dead person.


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