Covering All of the Angles of the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda “Triangle” is all over the map.

A recent television report about the Bermuda Triangle gave me the shivers. (See video below.)  I love the Bermuda Triangle spookiness because it validates my dislike of flying in small planes and sailing out of sight of the shore.  Hey, you could lost out there!

Some people love to get goosebumps about the weird and the unexplained.  Others get their thrills from explaining it all.   No matter what camp you’re in, you have to agree that the ocean is an amazing and dangerous place.  Even without supernatural explanations, there’s plenty to worry about — Rogue waves, tsunamis, hurricanes, wandering changes in magnetism, massive methane gas bubbles, gigantic squid, sharks and even pirates.  They all give me the chills.  It’s a good thing I live in Kansas where we only have blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes, a few poisonous snakes and spiders and the New Madrid Fault to worry about.

One evening over the Christmas holidays at a family gathering in 2004, for some reason out of the blue I began talking about rogue waves and tsunamis.  We were in the middle of Kansas, so this was unlikely to affect any of us in the near future and I certainly didn’t have the tiles in my Scrabble tray to spell out tsunami.  My brother across the Scrabble table raised an eyebrow. Crazy sister.  The next morning when we turned on the television, we saw the report of the tsunami in Thailand…… Be sure to take the poll below.

More about the Bermuda Triangle.


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5 responses to “Covering All of the Angles of the Bermuda Triangle

  1. alwaysjan

    I’ve taken to calling my three messy students “The Bermuda Triangle” as I have no idea what’s vanished into THAT black hole.

    Since I now live in earthquake country, I find it hilarious to see how terrified my students are of good old tornadoes. The film “Open Water” sums up my take on the ocean. I’m happy to sit on the shore and sip a margarita and appreciate all of the life in the deep blue sea. But that’s as close as I want to get. Just taking a bath scares me!

    I’ll be right there with you on the beach chair. One of the scariest sights I’ve seen was the ocean floor dropping away when I was snorkeling. There was no rapture of the deep for me! I’m no Jacques Cousteau, although I do love to see those lovely reef fishes…in aquariums. Cathy


  2. Actually what is scary is why anyone would live in Florida. What with Burmese Python break out, Hurricanes, flooding, disappearing planes, Killer Sharks, Alligators roaming the streets…

    Florida is just an overgrown sandbar! Sorry, Floridians. I have really enjoyed my visits there. Great food, beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife…. Cathy


  3. I can remember my father reading a book about it when I was 12 or so – he read me chapters and excerpts – I was enthralled in that goose bump shivery way.
    Being over the pond it’s not uppermost in my thoughts now, but yes, it certainly intrigues me.

    ps kinda agree with kiwi bloke about Florida…


  4. Yeah, I’m with kiwibloke on this one too. My father-in-law resides in Florida and finds Montana terrifying. As if your one-in-a-million chance of encountering a grizzly bear that wants to eat you compares to snakes, alligators, and tornadoes.

    But I wanted to say that I didn’t know about the New Madrid Fault in Kansas. Do tell…

    I live just one mile from Missouri, and any projected damage reports from an earthquake at New Madrid fault line (south of St. Louis) call for significant damage in the Kansas City area. St. Louis, of course, would be toast!

    I do have an irrational fear of grizzly bears. However, my cousin’s Montana college roommate and roommate’s girlfriend were killed by grizzly bears in Glacier National Park while camping.


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