Woodstock — Forty Years Ago? Wow….

Woodstock Poster

Woodstock Poster


My friend Kathy and I took a photography class in a Wichita, Kansas, high school during the summer of 1969.  Mark, one of the other students, told us about an outdoor three-day music concert he was going to in New York state after the end of classes.Woodstock album  He was sketchy on the details, but it sounded like they’d have to sit on the ground. No chairs!

Always practical, I asked him:  “Where are you going to stay?” 

He shrugged.  “We’re going to sleep on the ground, I guess.”

“That doesn’t sound like much fun,” I said.  This is why I miss out on a lot of cool stuff. 

Of course, afterward I was one of the millions who bought the album and watched the movie and lived the experience vicariously in my warm, mud-free living room. 

Decades later, my friend Anita, who lived in upstate New York at the time, and I visited the city of Woodstock, a charming little town, where we tried to imagine what it would have been like to make the journey in 1969 and be a part of rock n’ roll history.  

History of Woodstock Festival.


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6 responses to “Woodstock — Forty Years Ago? Wow….

  1. I watched the movie and instantly wished I had been born in time to go to Woodstock. I’m a throwback – love to listen to Joni, Janis, and Jimi more than my own generation’s musicians (although no one would trade the 80’s for the 60’s musically). I watched Gimme Shelter not long after watching Woodstock and had a bit of a buzz kill for the 60’s. I liked it better when it was all peace, love, and understanding (before the bad acid).

    After missing out on Woodstock, although I probably wouldn’t have gone even had I known how big an event it was going to be because it was too much like camping, I make the effort after that to see bands I really loved, such as Led Zeppelin, even if it meant a long drive (but not camping). Cathy


  2. alwaysjan

    One of my boyfriends actually went to Woodstock driving there from Kansas. He, too, was in high school. His friends told me you could see him in the crowd on the back cover of the album. I can’t tell you the hours I spent looking for him in that mass of humanity – and hair. But just the fact that he went made him way cool.

    Kathy and I never saw Mark again, because we went to a different school from his, but I always wondered about his experience at Woodstock, if he even made it there. A former neighbor, who also drove to Woodstock from Kansas while in high school, said that he and his brother got stuck on the freeway in New York and never got there. I remember that line from the movie, “The New York State Throughway is closed!” (Thruway?) Cathy


  3. Thanks for the memory… although I was just a tad bit too young to attend, and I was still living in Hong Kong then. But, I’d heard about this major world event, and listened to the music for years. Have not seen Ang Lee’s movie, not screened here yet, but would love to. It would be cool if I could watch with my 19 year-old son.


  4. This is my husbands 40th high school reunion, he too is a child of Woodstock, long hair and all way back then. To this day he still loves the music. I was a little to young, but I remember the hippies because I was a fringe hippie! We went to see Concert for Bangledesh on our honeymoon, which was opening in Vancouver British Columbia 37 years ago. Thanks for the fun memories.


  5. patricia

    aug 17th woodstock….we were preparing for hurricane camille, the worst recored at that time…we were preparing to send my husband, both my brothers to viet nam, while the hippies shouted peace,,,,and now i try to prepare to send my grandson, no doubt within 2yrs to the middle east and in my prayers……Shalom


  6. I watched the programme on BBC4 with extraordinary original footage. Weird – so familiar, so alien. Hard to believe it was 40 years ago. But the music…was just as fantastic.


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