Gone to California….

Paddington's MySpace.png-2

Paddington is an awesome cat, so of course he has a MySpace. Here is an early version, before he moved to San Francisco. I hope you can read this screen shot of Paddington’s profile. It’s cute and funny, written with a little help from Laura and Ryan.

It’s getting awful lonely around here.  Everyone is moving to California.  First Paddington, then Laura and Ryan. Paddington, an awesome cat with a big personality, spent one wonderful year with us before his owner Cynthia claimed him in June.  Now he’s living in San Francisco. Laura and Ryan have moved farther south to Huntington Beach, Surf City USA.

Some of you may already have read the tale of Paddington and Bones, a pair of Turkish Angora litter mates.  Five years ago in Lawrence, Kansas, my daughter’s friend Amber rescued their mother, who turned out to be pregnant (shocking, isn’t it?) Amber very cleverly and diabolically emailed a photo of the newborn pair of kittens to my daughter and her roommate Cynthia. It was love at first sight.  My husband and I were the lucky chumps who got to transport the little darlings by car to Boston.  They actually were quite good travelers. For more of this fascinating tale and cute photos, you can click on The Brothers Angora, Chapter One.

This is the last time I saw Paddington. He was on his way to the airport.

This is the last time I saw Paddington. He was on his way to the airport.

The brothers lived together for two years in Boston, but split up after their owners’ graduation.  The boys were reunited last year, so we were briefly a three-cat family, although Malcolm refused to have anything to do with them.  When Paddington left,  Bones called forlornly for him.   Separated again? He could hardly believe it.  Who would he sleep with? Who would he tussle with?  (Yes, there was some sibling rivalry.)

Paddington, left, and Bones, before Paddington moved to San Francisco.

Paddington, left, and Bones, before Paddington moved to San Francisco.

Last week, Laura and her boyfriend moved to California, too, leaving Bones behind for now.  Bones wanders around the house yowling for them. I feel like  yowling, too.

The many faces of Paddington.

The many faces of Paddington, who has one blue and one amber eye, which is a trait often found in Turkish Angora cats.


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7 responses to “Gone to California….

  1. Ahhhhh San Francisco in the summer my kind of weather.


  2. Oh Paddington reminds me of my old kitty who is gone now, snowball, but her sister is still alive, 15 years old now..sleepyhead she is! Great photos! I love all your pictures.


  3. alwaysjan

    I think all you yowlers should get yourself out to California. You can find a nice cat beach where you can wave to us over at the dog beach. 🙂


  4. Oh what a beautiful, gorgeous face! (Says the crazy cat lady.)


  5. Carolina Maine

    This is so creative and adorable!!! I love it:) He is a cutie. He reminds me of my old cat Simba. Thanks for your suggestion on my blog..


  6. Aww … I almost shed a tear! I’m such a sucker for animal stories, especially about cats, and those are some adorable photos. I love the My Space page, and you are wonderful parents for caring for your grandcats or godcats until their owners can take them back. Give the kitties a scratch behind the ears for me!


  7. dana

    I was bored and randomly googling today when I came across your page.. I currently share a house with a white cat (with a blue and a green eye) named Paddington Bones. It was such a strange coincidence that I had to mention it… Does your Paddington talk a lot?

    That is a wild coincidence! Paddington does talk a lot! He lives in San Francisco now with his original owner. We were lucky he lived with us for a year. Bones, who is deaf, doesn’t talk very much. Thanks for stopping by! Cathy


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