A Greeting Card For Every (Ridiculous) Occasion!

As a fledgling greeting card designer, I thought this was an hilarious video. The end was particularly silly!


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3 responses to “A Greeting Card For Every (Ridiculous) Occasion!

  1. Does this mean I can custom order custom cards through your card site? “Glad your restraining order was lifted!” and such.

    Absolutely! I’m waiting here at my keyboard, ready to design a card so that you can congratulate a friend on getting her forklift license, your aunt’s 93rd birthday featuring a photograph of her iguana or a card to celebrate your next door neighbor’s getting rid of his warts. Seriously, though, the internet and great software make it so easy to mark every occasion. Maybe too easy. Cathy


  2. I stumbled upon your site and was surprised to see you’re from KC too. What a great video – thanks for sharing. Would love to check out your greeting cards. How could I find them? Marly

    Thanks, Marly. One of the artists on the card website posted that video, and it really made me laugh. The card company’s slogan is “Shop for Any Card Imaginable!” My greeting card site is http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/catherinecardstore and a blog about some of my cards and other stuff is http://www.beautifulwordcards.wordpress.com I put them in Shameless Promotion in my blogroll. Yes, I’m shameless!

    I checked out your blog, and I’ve put it on my blogroll, too. I love anything to do with names. Cathy


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