California Bird Houses


California Bird House Collage

The housing market is good for birds in some special neighborhoods in California.

 I love bird houses.  I don’t know how practical some of these are or whether birds actually live in them, but they certainly are cute.  After seeing these, I’m inspired to build my own.  I’m not very handy with a saw and a hammer, so maybe I’ll grow a bird house gourd. 

The green bird house hangs on the front porch of my friend Jan.    Plenty of birds nest in her yard, building their own homes.  Some of the homes are pretty flimsy, like the piles of sticks put together by the doves, she says.  Parrots roost in her fig trees.

The church birdhouse stands on the grounds of Mission San Juan Capistrano.  The rows of birdhouses sitting on the white patio beams are on a home on Catalina Island.


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6 responses to “California Bird Houses

  1. These are so cute! I love birdhouses as well, my brother in law made one for us that had golf club heads for perches. I also have a bird house that sits out in my garden, a friend made it from salvaged barn wood. My own piece of history before they tore the barn down.

    Your bird houses sound adorable, with special meaning, too. Bird houses inspire people to unleash their creativity in a project of a manageable size as well as recycling materials from places and things we hold dear. My father made me a bird house for me with one of his old license plates as a roof. I never put it outside, because the weather would ruin it, which is not the right attitude, I know. Cathy

  2. alwaysjan

    Actually, the parrots ravage my fig trees, but don’t roost in them. They like the huge Liquid Amber up the street. And that cute birdhouse? I have yet to see a bird set up shop in it. But dang, it’s cute!

    The parrots must lie in wait somewhere close before swooping in on the figs, but I need to brush up on my bird terminology! I’ll definitely have to return to observe these birds more closely, as well as battle them for some of the figs. Thanks to Richard for harvesting for us the few figs they hadn’t nabbed. Cathy

  3. Carolina Maine

    I love these! I wish I had a house so we could make bird houses too! Beautiful 🙂

  4. Sandy

    I’ve always heard that birds will not go into a painted house, but those are the cutest ones and I do think they will if it gets cold enough!

  5. Beautiful photography as always! Another post that was worth the wait. We have several bird houses in our back yard. Maybe I’ll do a response post.

    Glad to see you’re having fun!

  6. I saw an idea once for a school fundraiser that included bird houses. Kids would be tasked with creating bird houses and then there would be a night where they would be auctioned off. Some of the bird houses displayed in this article were very cute. We love birds in our house, but are short on bird houses. Sounds like a good project…for my husband! 😉

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