Farmville on Facebook


A cousin's virtual farm.

I signed up for Facebook a few years ago to see what my children were doing at college.  Yes, that sounds like spying…. Instant Messenger, MySpace, Facebook.  They signed up, I signed up.  (They weren’t sneaky enough to keep it a secret.) As soon as they moved on — it took me a while to catch on — I trailed after. (The latest is LinkedIn.) I wanted to reassure myself that my children were still alive, since they weren’t big on calling home or answering their cell phones, which never seemed to be charged — or so they said.   When my daughter was very sick with mononucleosis, I saw it first on her status update. She had dragged herself to her computer, typed in that she had never been more sick in her life, and then collapsed.

Both children are graduated now, and although my anxiety is no less, I have found that I’ve been sucked into some of these sites without giving much thought to my children’s online activities. (They seldom post anyway…)  A recent Time Magazine article reported that Facebook  isn’t even for young people anymore, even though it was started for college students.  Too many parents have invaded it.  Middle-agers are the ones who seem to use Facebook the most.  I’ve re-connected with far-flung relatives and friends.

A friend, also on Facebook, recently urged me to sign up for the Farmville game on Facebook. I’d never seen much from her on Facebook, but she is very active on Farmville.  She claimed it was addictive.  I signed up as a favor, since you need neighbors on Farmville.  But you can’t sign up and forget it.  Immediately, my strawberry crop withered because I forgot all about harvesting it.  Farmville is a very interactive game, because you help out your neighbors, rescue their crops, give them livestock and other gifts, etc., a very idealized version of the real world.  You can’t rise in the Farmville world without helping out your neighbors or getting help from them.

It’s only been a week since I’ve joined, so I don’t know how long I’ll last. I’m not a video or computer game player. I’ve accepted other invitations for other Facebook games and never played them.  I waste too much time already in the “real” world.  However, I already feel responsible to my neighbors in this virtual world.  I was amazed to see how many Facebook friends were playing this game. You can publish your results on Facebook, but most don’t, so it’s not until you join that you see the “closet” players.   It’s fun to see what different “neighbors” have chosen to plant or raise. Masses of daffodils, vast herds of cows, avocado trees, acres of corn….An Aussie Facebook friend playing Farmville has a lot of leisure equipment, a pool, many topiaries and a lovely banana grove on her farm, which looks more like a resort. Those Aussies know how to live!

P.S. on Nov. 8, 2009.  On Farmville, a popup informed me that I needed to buy more coins.  I said ok, but it asked for real money!  I could pay with a credit, paypal, whatever.  Pay real money, no way!  I feel I’ve logged enough hours that I should get paid! 

Here’s the Time Magazine article.  Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook.


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9 responses to “Farmville on Facebook

  1. So sorry to hear about your facebook garden! That’s why I don’t “dig” there, too much of my time is already spent digging for old friends and realizing how terribly addicting fb has become. Hey, weren’t YOU the one who got me hooked?

    I plead guilty to getting you hooked on fb, but you looked like a pro from day one so I know I didn’t have to twist your arm too much, ha, ha. As for Farmville, I’m not planting any short-term crops like strawberries from now on! Cathy

  2. Strawberry fields forever!

    I signed up on Facebook, too, and for my greeting, I put up a stern notice that says something like this:

    No, I will not respond to your poke, superpoke, wink, superwink, finger, superfinger, hugs, etc. No, I don’t care if you steal and animal from my farm or want to give me one of yours. No, I will not help you in your mafioso turf war. Sorry, nothing personal, but I’m not doing any of that stuff!

    Whoa. Check out those italics. Heh!

    That said, if you need help on your farm, let me know, k? 🙂
    Thanks, Abyss, for your offer of help, but I’m not inviting any Farmville virgins into the game. It looks like you’ve been pretty good about keeping your legs together so far on facebook! I’ll be lucky if I don’t go into foreclosure, such is my lack of passion for online gaming! But it is kind of fun so far. Cathy

  3. Jan Marshall

    I swear the farmers in Farmville log in, er, I mean, put in more hours than real farmers. Daylight savings time has just given them more time to be on-line. I’m just tired of that lost brown cow!

    I feel a little silly playing it, but that hasn’t stopped me. Some of my Farmville neighbors actually farm in real life. I think the weather is a lot nicer in Farmville and weeding just requires the click of a mouse! I like reading the blog of an actual farmer, Paula, who has a farm in Devon, England — Locks Park Farm on my blogroll. Cathy

  4. Catching up on your blog! Where have I been! I’m avoiding Farmville on facebook – I’m more addicted to my daily facebook horoscope – which seems to be very accurate except for the parts where they predict I’m going to come into a lot of money. One can always hope!

    I’m such a lazy farmer. I predict I’ll be on federal farm subsidies before long so I can be paid for leaving my fields fallow. A friend says she’s going to do that on Farmville for the winter, but we might find in the spring that our land has been auctioned for taxes. I haven’t tried the fb horoscope. It’s usually a horrorscope. Cathy

  5. Cathy J Sherman

    LOL This is why I do not have any fields and just concentrate on the trees and animals. I have a habit of forgetting to plow and least the trees and animals are not so ready to die on you.
    I could never find anything to do on your farm but enjoy the scenery! That’s my kind of farming! Cathy

  6. What? They asked for money. Oh my. Turns out they had a motive. Who could have possibly guessed that? 🙂

  7. any idea when farmville is going to give us the 24×24 farm? i’ve run out of space on mine, and I don’t want to start moving all of my cool decorations into storage!

    Hi, I’m just a newbie. I can’t even figure out how to get my farm squares straightened. My farm is just as disorganized as my office. Cathy

  8. Hey, I just found this blog – thanks for the good work. I wanted to inform you that it’s not displaying properly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Storm). Anyway, I’m now on your RSS feed on my laptop, so thanks again!

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