Vacuuming the Cat

Our cat Malcolm, age 17 1/2,  enjoys being vacuumed, although he’s a bit camera-shy here. (My son is wielding the vacuum here.) Usually, he rolls around in ecstasy (seen briefly in the video), making sure every part gets vacuumed.  He often presents his head to make sure his cheeks are groomed.  When much younger, Malcolm would dash away at the sound of the vacuum, the door bell, any noise at all, but now he goes with flow. 

Malcolm getting vacuumed.

Malcolm getting vacuumed.

 In this case, it’s the soothing flow of air over his luxuriously thick fur, which, as you can imagine, is all over our house. We’re so grateful he enjoys this type of grooming.


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17 responses to “Vacuuming the Cat

  1. daquietone

    well hi! I just came across your kitty video and it brightened my night!!! I had an 18 1/2 yr old kitty Silver didnt like vacuuming… but loved to roll around to be brushed and petted etc… She passed on 3 yrs ago Christmas. Anyway… Your cat made me smile!!! Thank you! 🙂

  2. That is hysterical, my kitty loves to be vacuumed as well, she is about the same age, maybe it feels like getting a massage or something. LOL!

  3. Frances Gollahon

    Oh, how I wish my fluffy, fine-haired, dander-filled white cat would hold still for such luxury. Her preference is licking and coughing up hairballs…

  4. hotlibrarytech

    Catherine: That is just adorable. I love reading the Malcolm stories, it is great to see him in action.

  5. alwaysjan

    Yes, that is Malcolm in action! My pig Maisie would enjoy this. Can’t believe you took me to see all that art in KC, when the real performance art piece was lounging in the room!

  6. elissestuart

    I could just watch this all day.
    We want more of Malcolm and the vacuum!
    My husband had a yellow kitty when we met, named Tiger. Tiger was not nearly so fluffy. Tiger’s favorite thing was to sit with just his ears showing over the top of the pizza box. If this did not give him the desired response, he would sit next to the pizza box on the coffee table.

  7. patricia

    how precious…my cat, uraj. almost 9yrs would be into convulsions..just the sight of the vacuum sends her running, but she enjoys scratching and rolling over, a tuxedo, she is princess….. do enjoy ur family info blogs….many thanks

  8. What a laugh! I used to vacuum our cat but never told anyone for fear of being called a neat freak! He loved it too.

  9. Hmm…
    wonderful cat… When I have Cat like that?

  10. Cat videos always get me. I admit it. I’m a softy.

    Thanks for sharing!

    I thought you might have a soft spot for cats. Poor old Malcolm is dragging around, and I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be with us. I can’t even bear to think about it. Cathy

  11. Re: The subject line for this blog.

    Two U’s in a row looks weird! 🙂

    I could try the British “Hoovering the Cat,” but there are two Os in a row. Cathy

  12. How adorable! I wonder if our dogs would like that? Thanks for this post. A great way to start my day!

  13. sandysays1

    That looks like fun to me! I love baths and brushing so that’s one to add to my human’s routine. I’m not going to share your post with the cats I live with. Between the 3 of them they’d “hog” all the vaccuum time. By the way CS, if you haven’t had breakfast yet, visit me – I’ve got a really good recipe on there. Sandy

  14. Catherine, that really made me laugh! I wish my cats would stand for it. They act like the vacuum is a torture device every time it is removed from the closet and won’t get near it. Good for Malcolm!

  15. Oh Cathy…that’s just hilarious! I’m chuckling away here. Bless him, bless Malcolm. I wonder when he realised that his human slaves could help his coat stay pristine? Good old Malcolm!

  16. Henry

    Cathy: I thought you were a friend…after I complained about the cat hair in my house, from two cats, all these years… I have to go to the internet to find out about your secret.

    Malcolm only allowed vacuuming in the last year. And very sadly, now he is gone. I would love to have his cat hair still flying around.

  17. Cathy Pleasants

    I just discovered your video of Malcolm being vacuumed. He is the spitting image of my cat “Leander”. I never tried to vacuum Leander, he didn’t like the noise. Sadly, we just lost Leander on Dec 1, 2010 at 17 1/2 yrs old & are devastated. We have lots of photos of him but no video. It is very comforting to watch Malcolm getting vacuumed – I miss Leanders big fluffy belly.

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