Cooper’s Hawk

A Cooper's Hawk waits on a tree near my bird feeder today. As much as I wanted this hawk to eat, I didn't want him to grab one of the black-capped chickadees or cardinals. They were smart enough to stay away today.

Click on these links to learn more: Wikipedia on the Cooper’s Hawk  and  Cooper’s Hawk  


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11 responses to “Cooper’s Hawk

  1. Jane

    He is beautiful. What a great photo!


  2. Jackie

    Oh, what a beauty! I put up with mice and voles and the like hoping to keep the hawks and owls in my neighborhood.


  3. He’s beautiful! I never noticed they have lime green beaks. Little stinker, trying to eat a chickadee.


  4. maheekat

    Wow! What an amazing shot! Love the talons. Congratulations!


  5. Did you use a powerful zoom lens for this? Up close and… not too personal. I like the clarity of the picture, perching on guard for prey.

    I used an AF-S NIKKOR 55-200mm lens, a telephoto. I was lucky that the bird was about ten feet away on the branch outside my kitchen window. I shot through the rain splattered window and then heavily cropped the photo. I was lucky the hawk stayed there so long and posed so nicely. Cathy


  6. That is a gorgeous photo of a beautiful hawk. I like the look on his face. I love how the hawk is in focus then it goes out of focus to the background. Beautiful work!


  7. Susan

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Wow – what a great shot! We have seen a hawk or two in our backyard, but seems like by the time we run for the camera, they’ve flown the coop! I love hawks. They seem to perch in the most interesting places. I once saw one perched near an overpass on the highway – I swear there was nothing but concrete all around. That would have made an interesting photo, eh? Thanks for this post. Have a great Thanksgiving!


  9. elissestuart

    That is beautiful picture. You are a fantastic photographer.
    We were entertained by much smaller birds during our Thanksgiving dinner. The Hummingbirds complained loudly that their feeders were empty.


  10. Nice shot! Thanks for the identification tips. I’m not likely to progress much further than “little brown bird” but you’ve motivated me to think about trying.


  11. alwaysjan

    We have hawks here too, though I couldn’t tell you just what kind. One tried to spirit away our rabbit Emily years ago, but she did some major Kung Fu moves with her feet. She lost a little fur and the hawk lost some feathers.

    This week we’re reading “Urban Roosts,” which talks about all kinds of birds. Several years back I had a student named Cooper and he was convinced this bird had been named for him.


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