United Breaks Guitars

United Breaks Guitars

In this busy travel season, enjoy!  As one who’s had to ship musical instruments, I can identify.  A couple of follow-up videos hinted of a possible happy ending.


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2 responses to “United Breaks Guitars

  1. I think that guy is pretty much adorable and I love that song. You just heard it now? I think I first heard it about two months ago. They did a follow-up song/video that, while not quite as good as the original, is still pretty good.

    And I’m hoping his next song will be about Delta and grandmothers.

    Yes, I was going to add that I was the 6.5 millionth person to view it. I saw the follow-up video, etc.

    You need to read and comment on my Natural Trap post. Now that’s a breaking story. Actually, it’s still one of the biggest Pleistocene mammal finds. Cathy

  2. alwaysjan

    I recognize those sombreros. They’re from Oriental Trading Co. in Omaha, Nebraska. I was hoping that at least the refrain would be in espanol.

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