Cardinal on Christmas Morning

Cardinal in a Snowstorm print
Cardinal in a Snowstorm by catherinesherman
This male cardinal waited for his chance at our bird feeder on Christmas morning.  Eight inches of snow covered the ground, making food difficult to find, so there was a lot of bird traffic in line for a meal.  Below is a high resolution version of this photo.

High resolution photo of Cardinal in a Snowstorm.


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7 responses to “Cardinal on Christmas Morning

  1. alwaysjan

    This photo is downright gorgeous especially with the WordPress snow falling over it!


  2. I love cardinals; especially in the snow. Beautiful shot! Happy holidays to you!


  3. What a gorgeous photo– and the falling snow is such a perfect touch for that one!! 🙂 Love it.

    Best wishes in the New Year to a wonderful lady! 🙂


  4. Beautiful! Thanks for snapping and for watching for him.


  5. Another awesome shot. How does that always seem to work out just right for you? 🙂

    I may have missed it somewhere, but what is your camera? Someday I hope to have a nice one, too. For now I’m stuck with a $150 point and shoot piece of junk.


  6. Beautiful! This is the kind of birds that I won’t ever see in my neck of the woods. I think we have too much snow for them here. It’s minus 20C today. Here’s to wish you a Happy New Year and I await more excellent nature photos and writing at your blog!


  7. Carolina Maine

    The cardinal and your photo are beautiful. We had several in AL that would sit in our bush out by the deck. I haven’t seen any yet in CO though.


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