SINIZEN Live @ the Galaxy 1/29/10 Stay Away Satan

I’m following the tour of Sinizen as they travel the country and into Canada this year. My daughter is as she describes herself “tour manager/roadie/merch salesperson/whatever a band needser.” Her fiance is the bass player, Ryan Harvey. They are both music business graduates from the Berklee College of Music in Boston and now are using their business education to hopefully make some money doing what they love.

This is a video from their performance January 29, at the Galaxy in Santa Ana, California.
“Stop being better the us” Mark McGrath of the headliner band “Sugar Ray” told Sinizen after the show last night, Ryan reports.
To see their schedule, go to You don’t want to miss them if they’re in your area!

All great bands have merchandise:  To get yours go to rharvey1 or Sinizen Merchandise at It’s a Beautiful World!

Here’s how they describes themselves, according to their website:
While the reggae rock scene continues to grow by the second, SINIZEN stands out with their own mix of reggae-dub-rock-hiphop-latin, allowing anyone to recognize their sound as the SINIZEN sound, with the ever-so-smooth sax tone from Jorge Guzman, The thumping reggae bass from Ryan Harvey, the eclectic jazz drumming of Mike Manning and the six string slinger/Singer K9. These boys aren’t just band mates, but brothers. They have been through thick and thin and never once quit. Just pushed through the difficult roads and became a touring machine, touring the united states and soon to be touring Europe and japan. Opening for such acts as Eek-a-mouse, Don Carlos, The Wailers, The Dirty Heads, The Aggrolites, Sugar Ray, Shwayze, Kottonmouth Kings, Unwritten Law, and HEDpe. Their newest Record “Grass.Roots.Culture” (March2010) is a solid reggae masterpiece produced by Lewis Richards. The band has taken action to do non-stop touring and promotion. so we are coming to your town and we’d love to meet you!

Sinizen was featured on the cover of "Rock n Tattoo" magazine in April 2010.


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5 responses to “Sinizen

  1. I listened to the video, but the audio wasn’t the best. So I went to where I was able to listen to four studio tracks in entirety. I’ll admit up front that reggae is not my normal bag but I have to say I enjoyed their music very much. What a fun way to get turned on to some new sounds. Thanks!

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to post better videos with better audio in the future. Sinizen is recording a cd. I’ve heard some of their other songs, and they are so good. (Not that I’m biased…) I didn’t know much about reggae when Ryan told me he’d started a reggae band in Kansas City (before moving to California). I’d thought reggae was a limited genre, but I was so wrong about that. Plus, it’s so lively. You can hardly sit still while listening to it. Glad you took the time to go to their website and download the songs. Thanks! Cathy


  2. I like it! They aren’t coming that close to Montana (Boise is still 10 hours away) but if they do I’ll be sure to go to a show. It’s great to see people pursuing a dream.


  3. We’re loving the Sinizen CD you gave us. These guys rock.

    They do rock! They may be playing in a venue near you fairly soon.


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