Geek, Nerd, Dork or Dweeb? Take the Poll



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7 responses to “Geek, Nerd, Dork or Dweeb? Take the Poll

  1. maur si caur

    ah, i’m a geek! :p

  2. I’m an angry uber geek because even though I subscribe to your blog, this post didn’t show up on my blog surfer. Sup with that? 🙂

    I always vote. I’m here to do my duty. Please tell me that your vote tool isn’t written by Diebold. LOLZ!

  3. Wow. That vote hurt. I thought I was a geek but based on the graphic, I learned I’m actually a nerd. That’s because I’m equal parts of intelligence, social ineptitude and obsession. I know, I know, I’m skewing “social ineptitude” in my favor. I can’t publish the real numbers now, can I? 🙂

  4. Wonder what the poll results would have been if you had the option for ALL of the above? That’s a pretty funny thought!

    That is funny! I should have thought of that, darn it! It’s too late now. What does that mean? That I’m a dweeb? Cathy

  5. I think I’m a nerd, with darker shades of geek.

  6. I always thought geeks were the “socially inept” ones and dorks were not… and that geekiness requires vast knowledge with computers/programming (which is why I’ve always immediately self-disqualified from that–my aversion to coding :P) and also that nerdiness really just required obsession…lol oh well.

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