Constantin Films Claims Copyright Violations on Hitler Film “Downfall”

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Constantin Films claims copyright violations on Hitler film “Downfall.”


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2 responses to “Constantin Films Claims Copyright Violations on Hitler Film “Downfall”

  1. Good post. Thought provoking, too. I often wonder about a few things when watching the Hitler parody clips meme:

    1. As a society we sure are fascinated with Hitler, aren’t we? I find that a bit weird. For us veterans of forum wars we also have Godwin’s law. Bush was compared to Hitler. Obama is compared to Hitler. Something tells me that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    2. While watching the clips the copyright issue occurred to me as well. I think I’d generally come down on the side of parody. One thing is certain: Coming up with content that is 100 percent yours is hard to do.

    3. Like most memes, the first one is usually especially noteworthy, then there sometimes is one that comes along and perfects it and becomes the best ever and gets all the views. Then there come hundreds of cloner wannabees who desperately wish the whole thing was their idea. They copycat and sometimes come up with something good but most of the time the efforts of the copycats are pretty lame.


  2. Copyright is one thing~interpretation is an entirely different matter. I believe that copyright laws require a 20 percent interpretative difference to make it yours! We’re all entitled to freedom of expression~ I think that was true the last time checked? :>)


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