Puppies Like to Chew

It didn't take a forensic scientist to figure out who chewed these items.

We’ve had cats for almost twenty years, but that experience hasn’t prepared us for a puppy!   The adorable Loki is visiting for a while, and she has definitely made her presence known.

Loki, the chewmeister, trying to look nonchalant after I find the results of her latest chew fest.

Every day I discover some pile of torn rubbish on the floor that was formerly one of my very valuable mementoes. It started very innocently with catalogs and sections of the newspaper, but then Loki discovered she had a taste for vintage photographs. Yes, I should have locked up these items. We’re in the middle of some minor renovations, and desk contents and other items are in boxes. Loki knows how to knock them over or root into them to select the delectable fading views of my ancestors, bypassing the modern photographs.  Other items that have met her teeth are a wedding invitation, address book and a roll of masking tape, all stolen from my desktop. She found a loose piece of quarter-round woodwork trim in the kitchen and chewed both ends.  She has pruned all of the indoor plants.  Thankfully, we were able to move the plants outside before they were completely chewed to the roots.

An invitation and a piece of woodwork trim both fell prey to Loki's incessant need to chew!

But she’s so cute. Who can resist her when she jumps on the sofa, places her head on your lap and looks up at you, adoringly?


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7 responses to “Puppies Like to Chew

  1. Those photos definitely look more “vintage” than they did before! 🙂

    Chewmeister breed, eh? I think the look on Loki’s face says it all.

    So which is more destructive? Dogs or cats? I think they each have their pros and cons. The debate rages on!

    I noticed all the images in this post can be clicked to enlarge. Great photographs as always!

    So far, Loki wins paws down for most destructive behavior in the shortest amount of time, although Malcolm (cat) scarred my son’s cheek when Malcolm was startled by the doorbell and launched off of my son’s face. He also left claw marks on the window sills when he felt the need to flee from his perch. Bones (cat) bites plastic, but nothing valuable, and claws the carpet, shredding it.

    I forgot to mention that Loki has plenty of rawhide chews, which she mows through at an alarming speed, but that hasn’t lessened her taste for old family photographs. Thanks for the praise of my photographs of the destruction. I have to get some use out of shredded memories. Cathy


  2. sandy

    Loki’s cute but boy aren’t they hard as puppies?! Cats are for us whimpy pet owners.


  3. It wasn’t me, you can’t prove it….. Loki

    Loki, the evidence is circumstantial, I admit. A jury of your peers no doubt would cheer you on! But I did find one of my tennis shoes chewed this morning, and then saw you eyeing the shoes in my closets. Hmmm, which shoe to snack on next, eh?


  4. hotlibrarytech

    Yes, they sure do like to chew. She’s just teething…but the question is…will your house and furniture survive the teething.
    She’s adorable. I look forward to hearing Loki stories.


  5. Ah, you wimp! My puppy Petey (who’s now an old dog) chewed the couch up…twice. I’m on a first name basis with the old guy who repairs shoes. He repaired my leather couch which was mistaken for a rawhide chew by…oh, I don’t even remember which dog did THAT. Now you can see why I suggest owning a puppy before taking on the responsibility of parenting. You have some growing up to do. I might just have to rub your nose in your own business to teach you a lesson. LOL.

    I feel like I’ve been dumped with the kids’ “baby” while they are out in the world having fun! It’s a good thing that Loki the Destroyer is such a cutie pie and so sweet. I’m sure it’s all an act to manipulate me, which is working! Cathy


  6. sandysays1

    Ahhhh, Give a dog a chance!!! We are lovable and loyal and all those destroyed chair legs, shoes, bank envelopes (with $150 in it), lotto tickets, and plastic flower arrangements simply are chump change compared to the hours we spend walking you, eating your left-overs, watering your flower beds, etc. http://www.Sandysays1.wordpress.com


  7. Hmm…..methinks Loki has a chewy long snout….good for muzzling 🙂


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