Third Annual Strawberry Photograph


One of my favorite meals of all time -- Cereal with strawberries from my garden!


This is one of my favorite times of year.  Every day for two weeks, I pick strawberries from my strawberry patch, more than enough for a daily bowl of cereal.  This year we had so much rain that the strawberry ripening was delayed for several days. Oh, the waiting was agony!  But now the bliss!  The mint is moving in on the strawberry plants, so the little berries sometimes have a tang of mint. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a bowl of strawberries and cereal awaiting me.

Read more in my post, Second Annual Strawberry Photograph. From there, you can click on the link to the first year’s photograph.


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6 responses to “Third Annual Strawberry Photograph

  1. Strawberries! That’s a sweet shot. Can eating deliciousness from your own garden be beat? I don’t think so. Nice tradition!


  2. I went back and looked at the previous year’s strawberry posts. Very nice. I hope everyone takes the time to drill down to those.

    Strawberry posts forever…


  3. I’m so jealous. I’ve been wanting to grow my own strawberries. Lovely photo! Excellent contrast.


  4. My mom bought me a strawberry jar this year, so I’m trying my hand at growing strawberries. I’ve never attempted it before because I know how they tend to spread. Hopefully the strawberry jar will be just the ticket.

    Post a photo of your jar! I’ve re-planted my strawberry jar. Unfortunately, it doesn’t produce very many strawberries, but it is very pretty, unlike my unruly strawberry patch. Cathy


  5. Alas, it is much to cold here~no strawberries, no lettuce, & my basil has turned ugly, black, and slimy. I’m happy that the sun is shining somewhere in the world and farming is still happening! I think the NW is in for an ugly weather growing season. I can actually smell those berries from your picture though. Thank you for sharing the sunshine!


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