Wayside Waifs

Penelope is just too cute to be limited to only one photograph! She's one of the many kittens and cats available at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, Missouri.

My weekly volunteer assignment:  Photograph cats and kittens available for adoption for the website of Wayside Waifs, Inc., an independent, not-for-profit humane society and animal welfare organization established in 1944.

Serino stretches out. Some cats are allowed to roam the cat area.

I’ve owned cats for almost twenty years (I should say that cats have owned me), so I knew it wouldn’t be easy to get most cats to pose.  There’s a reason for the old saying about how hard it is to “herd cats.”  Even cats who like to hang out and sit pretty will spring into action when you aim a camera at them.  Other cats withdraw into their cubbyholes.

As expected, the kittens were the hardest.  Open the cage, and the kitten explode out like jacks in a  box. The staff laughed, when I kept saying “sit,” which is what I say to Loki (dog at home) fifty times a day. I should know better!

Awww. A group hug. A second later, this trio was alert and trying to escape!

I got my first cat, Malcolm, at Wayside Waifs almost twenty years ago, so I have a special connection to the place.  When I first visited Wayside Waifs, it was housed in a small building.  Now, it has a very nice building, run completely by donations.  It has some heavy hitter donors, too, like Hallmark, which is headquartered in Kansas City.  It has a paid staff, but hundreds of volunteers keep it running, too. In fact, I had a hard time getting in!  In the future, you can be sure you’ll be reading more about Wayside Waifs and seeing a lot more photographs of adorable cats. I may be taking dog photographs, too.

Wayside Waifs website.

Centaurus and Gemini.


The very beautiful Grace Kelly is camera-shy. She wasn't ready for her close-up. When she saw my camera she moved back into her box. I'll try again next week, although hopefully someone will take home this adorable girl by then.

Hanging out.

Mackie struts her stuff in the community room. In the background is the original sign for Wayside Waifs, Inc., an independent, not-for-profit humane society and animal welfare organization established in 1944.



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95 responses to “Wayside Waifs

  1. Edna Nogueira

    Oh que fofo!
    x) I love cats!

    I have two cats!

  2. Great photos! A really good picture helps tremendously in getting a pet adopted.

  3. Great photos…they work! I want to adopt one, and I don’t even LIKE cats hahaha.

  4. I L-O-V-E-D the pics!

    Wonderful and Aslan the cat looked very much like a lion. Sweet!

  5. minanox

    Thanks for the beautiful photographs of lovely cats. I really hope they soon find new homes and loving companions.

  6. This is amazing ahh they are so cute! thanks for posting these.

  7. Dear Catherine Sherman,
    This is just beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you.
    Allison Huyett

  8. clementleung17

    They are really cute. Someday, I would love to take the same assignment too.

  9. I’ve been thinking about doing this for my local shelter. What a great idea. You get some cool animal shots and they get promotional material and website shots. Great service you are doing!

  10. You did a great job getting cute pictures of them!

  11. These are great shots! How could you not want to take one of these guys home??

  12. muskiestudents

    Great photos! How can you NOT want one. I recently got a kitten myself, and if it weren’t for my husband and my two dogs, I would totally become a crazy cat lady. 🙂

  13. How could anyone [err, most people, in case there are any cat-“dislikers”] not love these photos? Instantly, they warm one’s heart and add a smile to one’s face. A welcomed release from any of the other “pictures” one might see on the news.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  14. Ahh too cute – one of them reminds me of our Timmy in London on htttp://www.Twitter.com/Miaowington – hope they all find good homes quickly. peace 🙂

  15. Marvi Marti

    AW!!! I’m allergic to cats so never cared for them, until recently. I am divorcing and having a tough time so my sister found a 4 week old rescue kitten for me for my 47th birthday. Tiny and mostly black I named her Pixel. Thankful I am for Zyrtec that allows me to keep her! I just adore her and because she never had a mama, being born and abandoned in a sewer, she is very attached to me at 3 months old now. She sleeps at night with her head on my hand. I’m a reformed cat hater that wishes I could adopt them all!!!

  16. lawyergal

    I love me some kitties!!! Seriously, so cute 🙂

  17. Colin L Beadon

    This is a terrific site. We hope so much it will encourage people to own and love cats.
    We have four diverse and lovable cats, and two Jack Russel terriers, often three. All the cats were strays as kittens. Everybody goes hunting together in the grounds where we live here in Barbados.
    We have lived with such cats and such dogs, forever, and could never live any other way.

  18. ack! they’re so cute! please keep up the good work and find all these wonderful babies homes!

  19. Colin L Beadon

    After seeing,
    ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation.’
    I don’t know why I bothered to write anything. Perhaps you want photos instead. The cats are named Kaylie, Cian, Mini Minierva, and Mimsy. Our two Jack Russells are named Thor and Sadie, and one more we often keep, is called Athena.
    Cats get along really well with Jack Russells, if you know how to introduce them. They all make great rat and mouse hunters, together, and the JR’s protect the cats from stray dogs.

  20. Awwwww, too sweet! Thanks for calling attention to homeless pets and this wonderful organization. My rescued kitties (and dogs) thank you, too!

  21. I really am not a “cat fan”, but they are too cute, especially Grace Kelly.

  22. Great pictures! I think I need another cat now.

  23. I want Aslan. So fluffy and camera ready!! 🙂

  24. Absolutely adorable pictures! I’m sure they will find new homes because of your generosity with your time and skills.

  25. What a fun and rewarding service to provide! I would have a hard time not taking them all home with me though!
    Great pictures!

  26. planejaner

    it embarrasses me no end what a sucker I am for cats.
    I love the cats.
    I love all the cats in the world. How can you leave them all there? I couldn’t do your job…
    sweet post.

  27. I used to volunteer at Wayside Waifs when it was the dank dungeon. The newer facility is so nice

    I currently volunteer at PAWS Atlanta. We were in pretty bad shape as well. The Victoria Stillwell from Animal Planet’s “It’s Me or the Dog” did a show there. Then she got Lowes to donate $250k worth of materials and labor. It is beautiful now.


  28. ADORABLE! If I was able to adopt a new best friend I think I’d take Aslan home right away. What a handsome guy!

  29. Too cute! And I’m not even a cat person. That’s wonderful that you volunteer to photograph them.

    Both of our current dogs were strays. I hate to think of what would have become of them had we not taken them in.

    Our local Pasadena Humane Society is considered to be a model shelter. My son has volunteered there, but there’s SO much work to be done. With hard economic times, not as many people want to take on another mouth to feed. Kudos to you!

  30. Sarah Baram

    These are great pictures! I have two kittens at home, one loves the camera while the other would rather try to eat it. Needless to say we have no good pictures of the eater and plenty of the model!

  31. Most of all… I deeply love cats!
    We have 10 living with us and more than 10 “wild” cat’s coming regularly to see us twice a day… for free feeding 😉

    We provided veterinary support for all of them, and with the “birth-control” operation now the growing of wild cats is under control.
    A lot of people thinks we are “strange”… some of the them keeps arguing (neighbourhood) and we just smile because we do care more about these animals than them 😉

    Keep up the good work, you aren’t alone!
    Serenity :-)claudine


  32. Beautiful photos and great mission. One big purrr for you!!


  33. Hi Catherine,

    I can only say; WONDERFUL AND FANTASTIC!! Too cute and your pictures are wonderful. I am a cat person and my cats give me a hard time posing (not their fault since I’m camera shy as well)

    But beautiful article and your work will definitely pay off for the wonderful non-profit society you are working for.:D

    I’ll be keeping a lookout for such article in the future 😀

  34. Trina

    Thank you for this! Great pictures. I love cats but my family doesn’t, so instead of cats we keep birds, rabbits and gerbils. I’m from Singapore btw.

    The first picture of Penelope really struck me. She has such understated eyes that suggest she has been through much; she looks intelligent but reserved.

  35. sorry……….i would adopt one but my moms has allergys to cats

  36. Michelle Brown

    Thanks for volunteering. We rescued our cat from the on-post shelter. His previous family left him because they were moving. I try not to judge, but seriously, I do not understand. He has been the greatest joy to have (as I type this he is happily snuggling with me). Again, thanks for your time and effort.

  37. I swear I commented on this earlier today.

    Just wanted to say I think it’s awesome what you are doing and I had the same idea recently to take some shots for the local animal shelter.

    It’s a good way for you to get some nice animal shots and the shelter will get some good promo material and photos for their website.

  38. mskelli

    How precious!!

  39. I love these picts! I have 2 cats and am contemplating a 3rd which will most certainly have my husband contemplating divorce. Ouch.

  40. Grace kelly! Excellent name for that beauty

  41. dohugsnotdrugs

    This article is pushing me to adopt one, however I’m extremely allergic to cats… which is always the down side.

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  43. I saw this on Fresh Pressed. It caught my attention b/c of “Wayside Waifs.” I am also in Kansas City. Great to meet another KC blogger – and such great pictures too.

  44. Awww. =))))))) Those kitties are sooooooo cute. I have two dogs and two cats all of which have come from rescues. They make for the best kind of pets. I wish you luck in finding homes for them! I would take one but my man friend will leave me if I take on any more. =)

  45. Fantastic collection. I know exactly how hard it is! I have two cats at home and when we got the youngest one I tried to do some cute photos. I had to put the camera on continuous shoot and just hope for the best. Here is our little guy called Leo:

  46. I could not be trusted to visit a cat shelter for fear of what I might be tempted to bring home.

    Centaurus or Gemini remind me of my Mackenzie and I love the group hug 😀

  47. thesarahdactyl

    Aww, cute kitties! (:

  48. hdunny

    This is too cute! I hope it helps get them adopted!

  49. Awww… aren’t they the cutest!!!!

  50. Colin L Beadon

    Oh, I thought I was the first that posted about the site and cats. I’m so glad the world is full of cats lovers too.
    I’m almost certain allergy to cats , is hyped fiction, like sea sickness. You can get over it, if you really want to keep a cat, or go sailing. Just decide not to believe in it, cat allergy, any more, like you can decide to be happy, morose or suicidal. It is up to you. Your mind is the only think in the whole world, you can have complete and utter control of, if you want. So choose cats, and find out how they can bring great joy to your life. Not, that there is not a learning curve.

  51. I loved each and every photograph. Well done! Beautiful subjects that are beautifully photographed!

  52. Beautiful photo of Centarius and Gemini….
    Such sweet love.


  53. OMG!!!!! so adorable…lov cats n lov ur photos:)

  54. Awesome pictures. All of the kitties are sooo purdy.

    and Loki is a great name for a pet; my first cat’s name was Loki.

    Does your loki live up to the name? 🙂

  55. Awww…that’s so cute pics…really, I hate cats, but these ones…they’re lovely 🙂

  56. hotlibrarytech

    Oh, I want the little yellow one, Centuarus.
    Maybe I need to make a road trip to KC MO.

  57. Top of the post, there was Penelope, and in that face you can see some serious personality. Ditto on the rest of the photos. Naturally. Cats have personality, as anybody who lives with one or more knows well.

    My cat, incidentally, is from the SPCA in Hong Kong. She chose me in September 2000. I thought I was choosing her, for my wife, but you know how that goes…

    Miss Picasso is a calico, so named because she is a work of art. I’m American, my wife is Australian, our cat is Chinese, and we’ve lived in about a dozen places over the years. From Hong Kong to several places in mainland China and on to Thailand, which is where we live now. She’s watching me type this. She’s using my mouse for a pillow again. Just to keep the computing more interesting.

  58. Centaurus and Gemini I like this
    http://theidiotgame.com source

  59. So sweet! Thank you for that labor of love. May that gift help those adorable kitties find forever homes where they will be loved and provided for as long as they live. We’re probably the only band in the world that has a cat for a music director. All four Panache Cats are rescues, and so is our tortoise. They enrich our lives in so many ways – we can’t imagine being without them. They even tour with us!

  60. Songbird

    Aww!!! These are adorable pictures!!! I have adopted 2 rescue cats, one of them passed away from cancer at the age of 11 but I still have my Flashy-girl, she will turn 18 this September and she still is “my little girl”. :o)

  61. Jia Jia

    so cute and beautiful 🙂
    thanks for sharing

  62. I wish I could adopt one! They’re so cute!

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  64. julistrehl


    I’m fall in love with the first one, is the cuttest cat.

  65. very lovely kittens indeed! 🙂
    i enjoy photographing pets too!

  66. ooh my god… so qiute cats

  67. janili

    Good job CATherine!

  68. linkinwayne

    Kittens. Om omn nom nom nono nom

  69. Lulu

    I am a big fan of cats!!
    they are cute

  70. You have some great pictures there of the cats, I am a huge cat lover myself as my wife and I have 9, wouldn’t be without them, currently our feline friends spend all their days looking out into the garden at our ducks and chickens.

  71. wisdomlivesinsilence

    Thanks for this dose of cute for the day! They’re amazing photos – especially the one with the poster in the background.

  72. njaiswal

    Do take dog pictures too! You’ll have an easier time and us dog-lovers will be delighted. 🙂


  73. VERY effective pictures! Made me wanna scratch and tickle each and every kitty I scrolled past.

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  75. What cute darlings. I’m not into kittens or cats, but I can definitely appreciate cuteness and irresistible things.

  76. Aww, so adorable. Too bad I already have 3. Great job with the pictures!

  77. They are beautiful creatures worthy of care

  78. ooh my god… so cute cats

  79. great photos make the difference between adoption or not whether dogs or cats – the cute factor wins.

  80. addedsheep

    So cute!

    I tried to volunteer at a local cat center type of thing but they already had too many volunteers. At least it means there are still a lot of good people (:

  81. cute kitties.
    Nice photos. Thanks

  82. I would adopt every one of them! Great shots. Thanks for sharing.

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