Dude, Your Bus is Rad!

California Surfer License Plate postcard

The ’68 VW bus has arrived in Kansas City.  How will this surfer-mobile fare in the Midwest, far from any toasty waves? 

The saga is detailed on The Thing About Life Is.


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3 responses to “Dude, Your Bus is Rad!

  1. Is this the actual license plate on the bus? If so whatever they paid for this heap was worth it just for this! I’ve never seen one like in the Golden State.


  2. Nice pic. I suspect that’s a novelty plate, eh?


  3. The photo above is kinda unique..By the way, for what reason you choose to post this photo? It’s funny and the plate is not that common. What is this plate for?

    Anna Marie

    Blog: casier à bouteilles 


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