I Like Ike

Ike, a five-year-old male cat awaiting adoption, knows how to get comfortable in his room at Wayside Waifs. What he'd really like is to hang out with you!

Ike, age five, is a great cat.  However, as much as I enjoy seeing him at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City when I go there to take photographs, I wish he’d find a forever home.  He’d be a great asset to your home.

Here’s what his biography says on the Wayside Waifs website: Are you looking for a twinkle of excitement in your life? Feel that too often life is lingering on the boring side? Well, do I have a solution for you! ADOPT ME! My goofy, yet sophisticated, personality is bound to knock your socks off. Couple that with my playful, frisky side and you definitely have a fun-loving bundle of entertainment 365 days a year! We can sit on the couch and I’ll whisper in your ear, “hey you, time for a belly rub – oh and don’t forget to rub the ears,” then, I’ll dive off the couch and bat around my play mice and jingle balls. You’ll giggle at me chasing my tail and laugh out loud as I stalk the dust bunny hiding under the coffee table. Sound like fun? Come see me at Wayside and let’s talk about making our connection permanent!

Click here for more information about Wayside Waifs.  Here’s a link to my previous post I’m Adorable! Take Me Home!  about Wayside Waifs, which contains a link to still another Wayside Waifs post with photographs of adorable cats and kittens, awaiting adoption.  See a pattern here? Fortunately, many of the cats and kittens pictured in those posts have found homes, thanks to wonderful people like you!  But there are always more animals coming into Wayside Waifs that need homes.


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5 responses to “I Like Ike

  1. sandysays1

    Hi Catherine,

    Ike looks like a fine feline fellow. He reminds me of Mr. B. The Geezer says he’d consider taking him but we have a male cat that is very territorial. And it’s a long way to Pine Island, Florida. Some lucky person will be smart enough to adopt him and make them both happy.



  2. Ike is beautiful. I look the look on his face and that gleam in his eye. That’s a great job photographing him and I hope it helps him find a wonderful home.


  3. Both of our dogs are “found” dogs. I swear that on some level they know that we rescued them and are forever in our debt. The unconditional love of a pet brings out the best in all of us and makes us consider what’s really important in life. Thanks for being a friend to those four-legged friends in need. 🙂


  4. Ah, if only more people would understand the joys of the Orange Boys. I’ve been a connoisseur for almost 18 years. They are almost all good ole boys and Ike looks like he fits right in! Great photos.

    Cam aka arlcatlady.wordpress.com

    My dearly beloved Malcolm was orange on orange. He was the greatest cat. I miss him terribly. Great news to report about about Ike! Ike was adopted about two weeks ago. He’d been moved to a new more visible kennel, so more people discovered his awesomeness. Cathy


  5. I like Ike too! I used to have a cat just like him! I named him Joe since I was a kid and thought hey my own name is pretty cool!


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