Hammock on the Veranda Postcard postcard

Here’s a photograph I took on a recent visit to South Carolina. Can’t you just imagine yourself relaxing in this hammock with a cool drink and a book? I didn’t try it myself, because I probably would have spilled my drink on my book. But it’s a lovely fantasy.

When bloggers start posting just a photo or two or a YouTube video once or twice a month, you know they are on the downhill slide to quitting. It’s true that I’m blogging less and less often. But I’m not giving up, I swear.

Soon after I started blogging here in the Spring of 2008, I read that the average blogger lasts about two years. I don’t know where those statistics came from, but that seems about right. When I make the rounds of my fellow bloggers, I find they are posting less, too. Sadly, some of my favorite bloggers have stopped posting, apparently forever or so rarely that their infrequent posts are merely the sputters of a dying blog. Blogs take time and commitment. They sure as heck don’t make any money.

I know the world isn’t begging for my thoughts, but I do like to post about interesting subjects I find, usually about nature, travel, music and history topics. Lately, though, I’ve been enjoying a rest in my “mental” hammock. What I really want to write about is politics, but I’ve sworn not to. Wouldn’t be polite.

One fellow blogger, Shouts from the Abyss, has kept up the good fight by blogging EVERY day (sometimes twice) for more than a year!

Planetjan has slowed, too. She has a very full schedule, but she’s also dedicated to posting. She’s hilarious, so I’m always happy to read one of her posts. Her latest is Hands On Learning.


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8 responses to “Relax!

  1. Thanks Cathy. Put up a mental hammock for me, will ya? There’s some subjects that are off limits for me as well. I work with too many of the people who read my blog. When you work with children, you have to walk a very fine line. Oh the stories I could tell!


  2. patricia

    maybe u need a change of thought!!!explore organic gardening…new diet style, holidaze r coming family reunions and now that one of ur children are married . do u know how to crochet???heirloom blankets/booties and please share with us who have none of these things in our life, esp new healthy diets !!!God bless


  3. That’s a great photo! I would love to be in that hammock with a cool drink and a book. Yes, that is a fantasy! Maybe someday. And I’ve always wanted to travel to a place where the ocean is warm and you can dive without a wet suit. Maybe someday.

    I’m glad to hear you are not giving up. You are one of the first blogs that I ever fell in love with. I felt like I traveled cross-country with you through your writing and photographs.

    I’ve got time attacking me from all sides but I’m hanging in there in my quest for daily blogging. I will admit it has been getting tougher and there has been some good-natured fudging of dates to keep the streak alive. Even right now today’s deadline looms large. Yikes.

    My new camera should be arriving tomorrow. With luck that will usher in a new era of photographic mediocrity on my blog.

    Thanks for the shout out! I may have held on to the quantity but your blog is all about the quality. In that you win hands down.


  4. Well, have you heard of the ‘Slow Blogging Movement’? It suits me perfectly. It’s quality not quantity we’re aiming at. So, please do continue … yours is where I find Monarch butterflies, birds and bees. Looking forward to more of them in the days ahead!


  5. elissestuart

    I would post more – but I have one more son to get thru the next 5 more years of school…oops forgot the college years…
    All-district honor Band, GATE orchestra, a couple of honor’s classes….you get the picture.
    Last week he had to illustrate the first 10 amendments for US Hist…
    I have some thoughts on “Closure” rattling around in my head – it just hasn’t gotten to post. Soon – I’ll consider this a challenge – in a good way!


  6. hotlibrarytech

    Well – I took on your challenge and posted three tonight – lots of photos – not many words.
    Too discouraged watching the election results…..which of course I can’t talk about either!


  7. NO!!!! You can’t quit blogging! You’re just too enjoyable to read. I would miss your blog! Maybe You’re just drained from all the wedding stress. I know it’s true that this past two years for me have been about survival as a small business owner and I find it hard to write when I am stressed. Thanks for the reminder though, I’m going to make the effort to write more!


  8. Lets not give up just yet. K?


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