The Rising Body Count (via planetjan)

You absolutely must read this disturbing, yet hilarious blog post by my friend Planetjan. The video is beyond hilarious. Very clever, too. Love that British humor, a brilliant combination of erudition, wit, wisdom and slap-stickism.

The Rising Body Count I’m afraid blogging has taken a back seat to crowd control.  Yes, I started the year with eight additional students. Those eight extra students might as well be 20.  Forget Octo-mom.  I’m Octo-Teacher! I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the she … Read More

via planetjan


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  1. You’re laughing while I’m still stapling reading logs to be sent home tomorrow. They can’t cut down trees fast enough for the amount of paper we teachers go through. Did you notice how in the video, things started getting dicey after that 23rd student? I believe that’s when the sword was drawn. I rest my case.

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