All I Want for Christmas is a Home!

Hi, I'm Santy Claws! I'd love to go home with you for Christmas and stay there forever! I've been very, very nice this year.

Santy Claws is a two-month-old kitten available for adoption at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City.  You can read more about animals available for adoption and the work of this wonderful no-kill animal shelter on its website at Wayside Waifs.

Here’s what Wayside Waifs has to say about little Miss Santy Claws.

My name is Santy Claws, but you can call me Santy for short! 🙂 I am a curious kitten who likes to check and see what is behind open doors. At my foster home, I once climbed the lower branches of the tree and perched there, looking like a live ornament, which brought laughter to the household! Mostly, I am a snuggly cat-my favorite thing is to snuggle up in a lap or next to you in bed. I am very comfortable with dogs and often tried to play with the black lab in my foster home, but I also play well with cats. Oh yeah, there was a guitar player in my foster home, and I really enjoyed snuggling up next to him while he played his acoustic guitar (not all the cats were as comfortable with this.)

Here’s one of my previous posts about Wayside Waifs.  I’m Adorable. Take Me Home! You can find more of my posts about Wayside Waifs by entering Wayside Waifs in my blog search box.


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4 responses to “All I Want for Christmas is a Home!

  1. I know the holidays can be a grim season at animal shelters, especially this year when so many families are struggling to make ends meet. Our beloved Reese, one of two dogs we rescued, died on Thanksgiving after a long life that brought our family so much love and many memories. I knew when we found her that she was a pit bull, which made me think twice. When I asked the vet about my concerns, he said, “Is she a good dog? That’s what’s important.” And she was. She was the best. So as Christmas approaches, we find ourselves starting to think about making a trip to our local shelter. If we were in KC, that would be Wayside Waifs.


  2. So adorable. And that’s a wonderful photo. I’d invite Santy over in heartbeat, but our house is already ruled under the iron paw of a brother/sister tandem and they take no prisoners. I hope your efforts pay off and Santy finds a new home for Christmas!


  3. Awww! That is adorable! Santy Claws? I love it! Really is so cute, it reminds me of my kitten who is now so old, I’m pretty sure she will be gone soon. My daughter is 26 and we’ve had Rosie kitty since my daughter was 6 years old, How long do kitty’s live any way? I know the vet said that my Golden Retriever was the oldest living retriever she had ever seen. It’s so cute to see the babies. Hope Santy Claws finds a loving home.


  4. I admit I have Ailurophobia all my life, but Santy here is quite a charmer. I wish she would find a good, warm home soon. And just like to take this time to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


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