Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus, But He’s Just a Little Late This Year


Virginia, an eight-year-old stray Calico cat, is looking for a home.

I visited Wayside Waifs the day after Christmas — Boxing Day.  I’d hoped that someone would have gently placed Virginia in a gift box (with air holes, of course) and taken her to her forever home for Christmas, but she was still there.  She’s a big, beautiful Calico cat who was found as a stray.  Sadly,  no one has come looking for her. She’s very sweet, though a bit shy. I was happy today to see that Virginia is the featured Feline Waif of the Week at Wayside Waifs!

Santa is still on his way, Virginia. Santa, if you need directions, Wayside Waifs is at  3901 Martha Truman Road, Kansas City, MO 64137, 816-761-8151. (Santy Claws, featured  in my previous post, found a forever home. Hurrah! Or, maybe I should say, Ho, Ho, Ho!)

I hope Santa is on his way with a forever home, Virginia!

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Wayside Waifs.

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4 responses to “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus, But He’s Just a Little Late This Year

  1. She is so beautiful! I like the top photograph the most.

    “Forever Home” is a very nice phrase.

    Are there are some Kansas City blogs and/or forums where you also spread the word? I’m hoping your kind efforts really pay off for Virginia and her friends.


  2. Cathy, just stop by to wish you a Happy New Year! Look forward to reading more of your interesting posts in the coming year.


  3. Oh my Goodness, that looks exactly like my kitty! She is so old, I can’t expect her to live much longer, but these two could be sisters! I’m sad that no one has decided to adopt her!


  4. What a beautiful kitty! I hope she has been adopted by now. 🙂 My cats approve of this post.


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