316 Pet Adoptions in Three Days!

So many happy people and happy animals at the Adoptathon at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, Missouri!  Now, we absolutely, positively need to find a home for Virginia!

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Most cats and kittens at Wayside Waifs find a home within a week or two of being made available for adoption, but Virginia hasn’t found a family yet.  Life at Wayside Waifs is pretty plush, but it doesn’t take the place of a “furr-ever” home.  Here’s what I wrote about Virginia previously.   “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus…”

In the top photograph, Grace (left) stops to gossip with Virginia (on the chair) about the newest feline residents at Wayside Waifs. In the bottom photograph, Virginia waits at the door, hoping her "fur-ever" family will finally appear.


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7 responses to “316 Pet Adoptions in Three Days!

  1. Tom R.

    You are a saint CS! … Tom R.

    I took some of the photos of the glamor pusses for the website, but I can’t take any credit for the hands-on work of meeting the public during this awesome event. Those heroes and heroines are the amazing staff and dozens and dozens of Wayside Waifs volunteers. They are so dedicated! Cathy


  2. I do my fair share of volunteer work for my local animal shelter and humane society, so Catherine all I can say is THANK YOU!
    Doreen Erhardt


  3. Ah, maybe it’s because her name is the same as my mother’s. When my mother’s friends called her Ginny, her mother got upset because it sounded too much like gin. Our pit bull rescue had been taken in by someone with a number of dogs and returned to the shelter because she supposedly got into a fight with one of the woman’s dogs. This made me a big nervous, but we took “Lady” even though she’d been at the Pasadena Humane Society for over two months. She had a blue ribbon award on her cage for temperament and had completed Puppy Kindergarten. The “Lady” name was off putting, but the guy who hosed down the cages said she was so sweet, he liked to call her the “First Lady.” We changed her name to Layla, and she’s got a forever home for sure now. Now she gets along with our other ancient dog and pig, so every pot has its lid, as my mother, Virginia, would say.


  4. SandySays1

    WOW! What a record! My human says you couldn’t spend your time better.


  5. I read this as we sit with Smokey in her last hours. We’ve joked for several years about how, when you sign on for a cat, you generally don’t sign on thinking she’ll be around more than two decades. In our family, it’s nervous laughter as we recall all the tricks she’s played on us over the years.

    She won’t make it to 22. We’ll miss the tricks.

    I hope someone will sign up for a lifetime of adventure with Virginia, soon. They won’t regret it. I hope you’ll leave a note here to let us know when she finds a home.


  6. @Ed and everyone. Great news! Virginia was recently adopted! She was moved to a small room with another cat, Harry, which made it easier for people to interact with her. Harry was more outgoing, and the adopter was just going to take Harry, but at the last minute he took Virginia because he saw that she was a great cat and got along with Harry.

    Ed, I’m so sorry about Smokey. Cats do live a long time, if you’re lucky. So long that they seem a permanent fixture in your life and you can’t imagine life without them.

    Sometimes people adopt animals without considering this responsibility this entails. We see cats surrendered at the shelter that people have gotten as kittens but tired of the responsibility after only a few years. I never looked upon their care as a burden. They really are easy for all that they give back to you! Hairballs? I laugh at hairballs!

    Doreen, I’m so sorry about your loss of Oil. When you posted a comment here, you didn’t know that your cat Oil was even sick. He was only ten, which is young for a cat.


  7. Virginia is gorgeous, as are your photographs. I wish we had a place like Wayside Waifs in my neck of the woods.


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