Dog Doogity

This is my new favorite song. It rocks! It shows great views of the Seattle area. Plus the message is important, too. I know that I’m just preaching to the choir here, because you all pick up after your pets. But you’ll enjoy the song.

I love dogs. And so that everyone will love dogs, we need to make sure that scofflaws clean up after their dogs so the poop doesn’t wash into the water supply. My daughter and son-in-law’s apartment complex provides poop bags on posts with trash cans around the grounds. It’s a great idea!

Now, for a song about keeping cats safe inside and birds safe outside!


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9 responses to “Dog Doogity

  1. SandySays1

    DOG DOKIE. Rock on! My human has a little bag caddy that rolls of Dokie Collectors fit in. You can get them at your local Pet Store. Rock on! Of course, in old Florida we have our built in water “pollutors” Check out the size gator in the “calling video.”


  2. What!!!! Did you come to Seattle without visiting me? Or are you just one AMAZING journalist who did your homework on Seattle? Dog Doogity? I love this so much! Who did this video? I’m still hysterical! This is such an issue in this town!

    Hey, I confess that I did visit your fine city recently, but just for one day. I completely missed this issue, though. I was so busy looking up at Mount Rainier that I wasn’t watching where I stepped. Fortunately, I didn’t step in any dog poop. Here’s more on this video:


  3. Awesome! I love the Puget Sound and the message in the video. Have a bit more pep in my step after listening to that.


  4. elissestuart

    Had to watch just to see Downtown Seattle.
    Haven’t been there in 3 years.


  5. We lived in NYC for 11 years where we became experts at picking up after our two dogs. By the time we moved to the Seattle area, we’d already been house trained.


  6. Are you invading my turf? The poop radar has been activated!

    But yeah, nothing can spoil your day quite like the poop from someone else’s animal working it’s way up your pant leg. It makes me downright vengeful.

    Indoor cats are a must, I think. I just can’t put myself through the agony of the loss of a beloved best friend. But my cats are staging a rebellion. The call me The Warden and try to make a jail break every chance they get. But I remain strong and do what I must.


  7. HA! I showed this to the kids a bunch of times thanks for the sharing. I think it is a great idea too. I lost one of my favorite cats to feline aids when I was young because my dad put him out at night as his family always did. Now we do not let ours out unattended.
    What about the Fish?


  8. Great to have a dog by Puget Sound. Lovely video.


  9. Ha, I love this! I lived in Sydney (Australia) for 10 years and they’re pretty good at ‘picking up the poop’; but here in small town in NZ… not so good!


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