Another excellent post from Planetjan. The videos are excellent, the commentary is superb. Don’t take your teachers for granted! Click on “reblogged from Planetjan” to read the entire post and see the two great videos.


Thanks to Michelle, my former student teacher who is now gainfully employed, for sharing this. Today was a very long day and even though I’ve heard versions of this, with the graphics and the voiceover, it was just what I needed after another day of “making a difference.”

“How was it coming back after break,” some idiot asked. Well, actually, it was like getting slapped in the face with a cold fish. It didn’t help that no sooner had school started than Student #32 was dropped off on my doorstep. He’s from Korea and doesn’t know a word of English. I didn’t have a desk for him and ended up rearranging the entire classroom to handle what is beginning to resemble a small city of rather small people.

Here’s the difference I’ve made in the three days I’ve been back.
1)  Said student from Korea can now say, “Teacher!” I’ve…

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  1. It’s good to have you back, Cathy. My issue with having so many students is not only are the teachers spent and spread too thin, but the students miss out on so much. Most of my parents think I’m a miracle worker, but as a teacher, I’m most acutely aware of what I’m NOT doing. That’s what’s most upsetting. The kids deserve more.


  2. I often wonder what it would be like to live on a planet where teachers made the salaries of rock stars and athletes and rocks stars and athletes made the salaries of janitors. It’s hard to imagine, I guess, but I do know this: It would be a better place to live than this one.

    I think we could call it Planet Jan.


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