Where in the Museum is Roy?

The Museum Guard "Roy,' a Duane Hanson sculpture, looks wistfully out a fake window in an 18th century re-created English room in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri. Roy has been on duty at the museum since 2007.

My daughter and I visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art on a mission to find “The Museum Guard” sculpture in his current assignment. My daughter thought “Roy” might be in the English rooms on the first floor, but we decided to visit every room of the museum on our hunt before making the English rooms our last stop. Of course, to see the exhibits and art properly you’d be there for days…

My daughter’s instincts were right. Roy was in one of the last rooms on our speed-viewing list, “The King’s Lynn Room,” an 18th century Georgian drawing room, originally from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England. “Roy” is the nickname the Museum staff have named this old friend.

Roy has spent most of his time in the Museum’s Bloch Building, which opened in 2007, but recently has been assigned to different galleries. Click here to read my post about one of Roy's recent assignments and about Duane Hanson, his creator.



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5 responses to “Where in the Museum is Roy?

  1. Am I to understand that Roy is somehow ambulatory?

    Roy moves in mysterious ways! Cathy

  2. Mary Dirkx Jorn

    They should have a secret video camera trained on Roy to see how many people approach and ask directions. Honestly, it takes a minute to realize he is not real! Thanks for your blog~

  3. Roy is a good friend of mine. We have a few pictures of us posing with him as our “date” when we went on a girls’ night out to the Monet exhibit!


    Roy makes a great date since he never stands you up! However, now that he has left the Bloch Building he is playing hard to get. Thanks for stopping by! Cathy

  4. The first time I saw Roy, I had to touch him because he looked unbelievably real! The real museum guard magically appeared and told me if I touched him again, I would have to leave! Two scary guards in one day!

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