Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossom and Honey Bee Postcard zazzle_postcard
I took about 300 photos of apple blossoms this weekend.  My favorite shots feature a honey bee like this one.

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year — the week when the crab apples bloom in the neighborhood. The fragrance is heavenly. I nearly swoon. You can hear the thrum of bees as they visit the blossoms. A few wasps and flies joined the party, too. Last year, winter was much colder than usual, and when the apple trees finally bloomed, a big wind storm blew through and knocked all of the blossoms from the trees. This year I’m spending a lot of time smelling the flowers since I got cheated last year.


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4 responses to “Apple Blossoms

  1. Cathy, this is beautiful. And your post just confirmed that we live in totally different worlds. At first I thought we’d be having an early spring, but for the past few days we’ve been having wet snow. It’ll take another month or two for my crab apple tree to bloom.


  2. That’s a beautiful photograph. My town doesn’t have any apple blossoms but has plenty of pink cherry blossoms going on right now. It’s a mind trick that nature plays because we can still get frost, ice and snow until early May.


  3. We had a crabapple tree growing up. I don’t they’re good for anything. Are you talking crabapples or the real deal? FYI – Even though I’m a teacher, I tell the kids if they bring me apples they’ll go to my pig. What I like are cherries!

    Don’t be crabby about crapapples! I love apples of all kinds! This crabapple tree doesn’t produce anything large enough for humans to eat, but birds eat them, which is good. The blossoms provide nectar to bees and other insects. And how can beautiful flowers not be good! Cherries are good, too. The birds always got first dibs on the cherries on my trees, though, so I didn’t get to enjoy many. Of course, you have figs, lemons, figs and blood orange trees, so I envy you those fruits and flowers. Cathy


  4. Don’t you love it when the trees start blooming!!! My favorite time of the year. Love the honey bee picture


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