Kansas City Street Scene

I love this view of one section of Kansas City’s Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, juxtaposed between an unrelated mural on the left and the Denny’s sign on the right. I took this photo from my car window while stopped at a red light in June 2012. We were on our way to a wedding reception in the nearby Crossroads District of Kansas City. The Kauffman Center offers two performance venues.

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, Missouri, is an artwork in itself. This photo only shows the west shell (wing) of the building, but the east shell looks similar. Shell seems like the right word for the wings, because the building does have a creature-like appearance. I thought of an armadillo when I first saw it. When my husband stopped at a red light as we drove near it on our way to a wedding reception in June, I quickly took the photo. Sometimes, long red lights are a good thing! My friend Jan and I had recently driven past the Center when she visited from Los Angeles, so Jan, here’s another view!

The two wings (Muriel Kauffman Theatre and Helzberg Hall) are designed for the needs of opera, dance and musical performances. The Kansas City Symphony, the Lyric Opera of Kansas City, and the Kansas City Ballet perform in the Center.

The Kauffman Center opened in September 2011, and a month later, friends invited my husband and me to a performance of “Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis” in the glorious Kauffman Center. It’s time we went back!

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Website.

Wikipedia on the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.


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8 responses to “Kansas City Street Scene

  1. Hey, this is a very different view. I love the Denny’s sign – truly a wonderful photograph! I’m afraid without performing arts centers, our skylines would be downright dull, as the Disney Hall here in SoCal provides a welcome respite from the dreary skyscrapers.


  2. Shari Blue

    Love this!! Great eye….very impressive!


  3. SandySays1

    Wow! I didn’t know KC had such a fantastic place. My human is planning to try to get there during his fall book tour. I’ll lobby for a visit to that.


  4. Terrific photo! Armadillo was the first thing I thought too!


  5. That’s an awesome photo. I love the colors, the vibrantly blue sky, and the composition. You even worked a sign in there. Was that for me? 🙂 Sometimes the quick one-offs, like out the window of a car, can turn out great. A successful one-off quickie is always a thrill and usually end up being my favorites.


  6. A gorgeous and rarely-seen angle of the Kauffman Center. I like the design of the place, but it was a strange choice to have its most interesting facade facing AWAY from the traditional “from Liberty Memorial” shot of downtown.


  7. rickbraveheart

    What a great blog you’ve created Catherine. Your stories are fun and interesting and your photos are well done. I’m always looking forward to your next post! Thank you.


  8. This is quite a surreal photo… I thought of an armadillo too. What interesting architecture you have in your state, Cathy, adding spice of life.


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