Texas Rose Festival Parade

The 2011 Tyler, Texas, Rose Festival Queen.

The 2011 Texas Rose Festival Queen, Morgan Elizabeth Rippy, waves to the crowd on the leading float in the Rose Festival Parade in Tyler.

Another snowstorm is forecast for the Kansas City area. We still haven’t entirely cleared our driveway from the foot of snow that fell in the last storm a few days ago. How to chase away this wintry gloom? I’m taking a photographic visit to the Texas Rose Festival Parade in Tyler.

These photographs are from October 2011. I’ve been to two Rose Festivals in Tyler. I love them! Marching bands, majorettes in cowboy hats, tractors, Shriners in silly vehicles, Smart cars, dogs from animal shelters, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, fire trucks, army vehicles, gymnasts, politicians running for re-election, assorted citizens from various groups, lots of horses and, especially, the elaborately gowned Rose Festival Queen and the many members of her fantastically dressed court.  Have I left out anyone?  Here are the Queen’s Tea photos.


The Texas Rose Festival started in 1933. The 2013 Texas Rose Festival is October 17th – 20th. This year’s festival, the 80th, features “Raindrops on Roses and Other Favorite Things” as its theme.
About the Texas Rose Festival.
Official Texas Rose Festival Website.


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9 responses to “Texas Rose Festival Parade

  1. Gas was only $3.20 a gallon?!? (Yes, I studied your photos carefully.)

    Did you see any Texas Bluebonnets or do the roses discriminate against them?

    Was that the bus to Porky’s?

    Looks like that dog was ready for the red carpet at the Oscars.

    Wonderful post and beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed the slideshow. Neat feature!

  2. Hi Catherine, We used to go to the Rose Parade several years ago when we lived in Dallas and enjoyed it immensely. It looks like they’ve even improved it. Hope the snow passed you by. All the best, Terri

    • Thanks, Terri. The costumes of the Queen and the members of her Court are quite spectacular. It seems each year is grander than the last. The roses are spectacular, too, as you know.

      The forecasts are all calling for 12 inches of snow. It’s rare that we get that much snow once in a winter, certainly not twice in a week. I’m not looking forward to it.

  3. what a great post, and great collection of pictures, really enjoyed the slide show. Can’t believe they have a Rose Chihuahua. What’s the origin of that i wonder? Or a pig bus for that matter. All surreal but brilliant, thank you for posting. 🙂

    • The Chihuahua was part of an animal shelter contingent in the parade, so they dressed the dog like the human Rose Festival Queen. The pig bus was a big pink moving ad for a barbecue event. I should fill in some of the details. Thanks for taking the tour!

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  5. I have always wanted to work on these floats in the big parades. It takes a huge team of volunteers to create some of the amazing floral floats! It’s on my bucket list to work on one of these well orchestrated parades ! Great fun article. thanks for sharing! You’ve inspired me!

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