Dogs Allowed at All Times

Dog Sign

This dog is happy about this sign on Bakoven Beach in Camps Bay, South Africa, which says “Dogs Allowed at all times. No lead needed.”

These photographs are from a week spent in beautiful Camps Bay, South Africa, in January 2013.  Camps Bay, a suburb of Cape Town, is nestled against the Atlantic Ocean side of Table Mountain, a sandstone mountain range that runs southward the length of Cape Peninsula.

Lion's Head, Bakoven Beach, Camps Bay, South Africa

Lion’s Head rises dramatically to the north of Camps Bay. Shown in the foreground are the rocks of Bakoven Beach.


Dogs and their owners enjoy the rocks of Bakoven Beach in Camps Bay, South Africa, which is a suburb of Cape Town.

Camps Bay Beach, South Africa

The Twelve Apostles range forms the backdrop of Camps Bay, South Africa, and are part of Table Mountain on the Cape Peninsula.


About Bakoven Beach.

About Camps Bay Beach.

About Table Mountain.


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10 responses to “Dogs Allowed at All Times

  1. My husband has taken our dogs to the beach in SoCal, but I’m rather timid about letting them roam free even though they do very well with other dogs. When my two dogs are having their doggie dreams and moving their little paws and running, this must be where they imagine that they are. 🙂 Jan


  2. My ‘Sweetie’ would go berserk I’m sure… She doesn’t know what it is to be ‘off the lead’ on a walk… I think I could trust her… maybe…. 😉
    Great images of some fantastic scenery…


    • That beach, though beautiful, seemed a dangerous area for dogs to be running free. I think the water there is treacherous to swimmers. Maybe there are few areas in that area where dogs are welcome or safe, so Bakoven is a place to go free.

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂


  3. I see you like dogs…and Mr. Bowie! ‘Fraid I don’t write many dog poems, except about the ankle-biters in my apt. complex…but would you like other kinds of poetry, like Herman and Mr. Bowie? You’re invited! Jonathan Caswell,


  4. We need some beaches like that up here. My husband and I are always coming across beaches in New England where we aren’t allowed to bring our dogs. Apparently more dog-lovers need to get involved in local politics or something . . .


  5. jennypugh

    What a great idea! I love watching dogs running about, their ears all flopping and they seem to be smiling while they do! 🙂


  6. Yes please – access all areas!


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