The Azalea Trail in Tyler, Texas

A Garden Along the Azalea TrailA Garden Along the Azalea Trail in Tyler, Texas, in April 2013.

Every spring, Tyler, Texas, bursts into bloom. Like floral fireworks. Everywhere you look are gorgeous flowering shrubs and trees, such as azaleas, dogwoods, redbuds and wisteria, as well as daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs. Tyler celebrates its Spring flowers with its Azalea Trail, which starts in mid-March and runs through the first week of April. In 2013, Tyler celebrated its 54th annual Azalea & Spring Flower Trail.

Tyler doesn’t stop with azaleas. Oh, no. Tyler is also the Rose Capital of America, the location of the Tyler Rose Garden, the nation’s largest municipal rose garden. The city hosts the Annual Texas Rose Festival each October, which I’ve been lucky enough to attend twice — so far.

Tyler is definitely the place to be for floral fanatics!

On the Azalea Trail, there are two marked routes: the Lindsey Trail and the Dobbs Trail, which includes the Azalea National Historic District, established in 2003, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Azalea Trail Gazebo

Click on the thumbnail photographs to see full-size photos. The last photo is of Texas Bluebonnets, the Texas State Flower, which are wildflowers that bloom at the same time as the azaleas. Links to the history of and information about the Azalea Trail and the Texas Rose Festival are at the bottom.

About the Tyler Texas, Azalea Trail, including lots of photos.

National Register of Historic Places in Smith County, Texas

About the Texas Rose Festival.

My Blog Post about the Texas Rose Festival.


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13 responses to “The Azalea Trail in Tyler, Texas

  1. Harbin77

    Also Tyler State Park is beautiful


  2. lisaelskerarvid

    Å så vakkert awww😊 (Oh so beautiful awww)


  3. Pingback: The Azalea Trail in Tyler, Texas | Ta hendene til din kjære – se på dem og hold dem hardt Disse hendene skal du følge, leie og lede. Du skal få føle på varmen fra dem og kjenne en inderlig glede. De skal stryke deg og de skal holde rundt deg – d

  4. I chose to follow your blog, not because you liked something I wrote (but thank you for liking it); but inadvertently, by doing so, you introduced yourself to me, and then I looked at your work. I’ve been ill this past year and draw on others experiences for things I cannot experience for myself. Thank you for the gift of your work. Blessings on your day.


  5. What a beautiful place 🙂 🙂


  6. A wonderful way to begin my week!!!


  7. Beautiful photos Catherine. My first, and most memorable exposure to Texas azaleas was in Dallas. I was a newbie there and jogged in the 10K “Azalea Run.” The route was absolutely beautiful, and the azaleas were at their peak. I had moved to Dallas from D.C., so I wasn’t really up on the Texas spring. What I discovered was that if the azaleas are in bloom, everything else that can produce pollen is also in bloom. You can imagine how much pollen I sucked in during that race, and my respiratory system was not happy. It was a hard lesson, but it was the heads up that I needed for my remaining time in Texas. All these years later I’m still a jogger, and I’m still careful when the azaleas are in bloom.~James


  8. Loved the post and the photos – particular the featured shot, the composition on six, the detail on seven and of course the dog in sixteen


  9. We were still having snow two days ago. ‘Still’ means, whatever the weather feels like, albeit we’ve been having spring temp. But this Azalea Trail just reminds me, again, what a wide, wide world we live in. Beautiful!


  10. The images are gorgeous, Catherine… I adore the azalea; they are so cheery and colourful. A lovely post…!
    (I love the pic with the little dog in it; a very special pose.) 😉


  11. Cathy,

    I just visited another blog and found out she has a post on another Azalea Trail, and that one is in Goergia! And its amazing too. Just thought you’d like to see her photos as well. Here’s her blog, Recollections of a Vagabonde.


  12. My blogging friend Arti gave me your blog link and I enjoyed looking at your azaleas. We went last week to a garden where thousands of azaleas are blooming, it was enchanting. Of course here in Atlanta and surrounding area we have tons of azaleas, dogwoods and many other flowers. Your photos are very pretty.
    I read your post on Arlo Guthrie with interest. When I moved from Paris to San Francisco in the 1960s my boy-friend then, husband later, introduced me to Woodie Guthrie’s music through records. We bought the record as soon as Arlo recorded The City of New Orleans and it is still one of my favorites songs. Last year I found a children’s book entitled the City of New Orleans and it has great illustrations with the lyrics from the song. My little grandsons love the book.


    • Thanks, Vagabonde! Arti told me about your azalea post and linked it in her comment, so others can enjoy it, too. Your photos are stunning and gorgeous. I definitely need to put Callaway Gardens on my “Must See” list.

      Arlo Guthrie is definitely a favorite of mine. Glad you enjoyed my post on him.


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