Racing Bison in Yellowstone National Park

Bison race along the Yellowstone River in the Hayden valley of Yellowstone National Park .

Bison race along the Yellowstone River in the Hayden valley of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, enjoying the sunny day.

In the last week of August 2013, these bison were racing along the Yellowstone River in the Hayden Valley of Yellowstone National Park, enjoying the warm weather.  The third bison, the one in back, quickly dropped out of the race.  I entered another photo of this bison race in the Official Federal Recreation Lands 2013 Photo Contest.  Click on these links to see my entries (and vote, if you would be so kind!) and also learn about the contest.  Photographs taken on America’s federal lands, national parks and historical sites from Jan. 1, 2011, through Dec. 31, 2013, are eligible.  Did I mention there were prizes! If you enter the contest, be sure to put the link to your photos in the comment section.

“Racing Bison” Entry.

“Two Bison on the Overlook” Entry.

“Paddle Boarder in Trunk Bay in Virgin Islands National Park” entry.


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8 responses to “Racing Bison in Yellowstone National Park

  1. Catherine, Great shot! I love the racing bison! It always looks like it’s so hard for them to get started – kind of rocking-horse style – but once they get going they’re like a locomotive! 🙂 ~Terri


  2. Thanks, Terri! One fascinating aspect about this contest is discovering so many interesting federal lands, historic places and sites that I’d never heard of, many in my own area. Plus the photography in the contest is amazing.

    A friend (Lynn), who told me about this contest, follows many of these parks and sites on Facebook, and I’ve started to do that, too. Also on twitter.
    Here’s one of Lynn’s entries. Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park.


  3. Lynn

    Fun post! I love the National Parks, so this contest is great fun!!! Just wait till I tell you about the next contest…hahaha!!! Already have it planned. Photography sure makes life interesting.


  4. That’s a beautiful picture. It looks very similar to what Lewis and Clark must have seen as they explored up the Missouri River.


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