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The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones came to Kansas City again. I hadn’t planned to be in town this past weekend, but bad weather kept me from flying out, so I mused about whether I would have gone to see the Stones again had I known I was going to be home. I’m re-posting what I wrote in about my previous Rolling Stones experience. Sigh.

Catherine Sherman

J.A. got these autographs for me.

I never win anything, I don’t collect autographs, and I usually don’t know anyone who can get me past security…..But the rock n’ roll stars were in alignment at least this one time in April 1999. (Ok, so it’s an old story.)

 The Rolling Stones were bringing their “No Security” tour to Kansas City, their first trip to town in ten years.  Friend and neighbor KG was organizing a group to go. 

We were excited. We actually knew someone who knew someone — our friends and neighbors, the As. Their son-in-law, B.F., was a back-up singer for The Rolling Stones. We’d seen the family photos with the Stones in the A’s kitchen. Grandkids on Stones’ laps.

Mrs. A. offered to get us backstage passes, but told us we were on our own for tickets. 

I didn’t want to pay $250 each.  There were cheaper tickets, but KG wanted the best.  I was planning to sit in the nosebleed section. I’m cheap…

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