I’m a Tasmaniac

In honor of Australia Day, I’m reposting this post about my trip to Tasmania in 2009.

Catherine Sherman

Sheep graze near the ocean in Tasmania.  You can see the mountains in the distance.

I’m envious.  Janelle of “What Makes Me Laugh” won a trip to Australia for herself and her husband by writing an essay about Jurlique products, based in Adelaide.   Her niece told her: Get your butt to Australia before my college year abroad ends (or something like that…)  So with only a few months to spare, Janelle figured out a free way to get to Australia by the deadline.

St. Columba Falls tumbles 295 feet into a dense rainforest of tree ferns, myrtle and sassafras, not far from apple orchards and meadows where dairy cattle graze.

I’ve wanted to go to Australia for thirty years, but I just made my first trip there in January — and it wasn’t free.  I tried the contest method  (the 25th caller will win a chance to be in the drawing), but can you believe it, no one drew my name!  Janelle really did it the smart way, literally. (The link to how she did it is at the bottom.)

One week of her trip will be spent driving around Tasmania, which is one of Australia’s states.  I’m…

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7 responses to “I’m a Tasmaniac

  1. Australia is definitely on my bucket list!

  2. Reread your post – I know it was a few years back but …….. I used to fly to Sydney frequently in the 80’s. (Also to Singapore- I had an office that reported to me there – 14.5hrs) The LA flight to get there took 16 butt breaking hours. I wonder if you took that flight. I always made sure I had an interesting book.

    • We flew from L.A. to Sydney. 12 hours, I think. Miserable! It’s not the longest flight I’ve taken, though. 15.5 hours from Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa. One of the best flights I’ve taken was long (11 hours), but during the day on a half-empty flight from Auckland, New Zealand, to LA. It was our third attempt to get out of New Zealand, due to airplane issues. I watched six movies and had plenty of room!

  3. magnifique!!! a good friend of mine who’s an engineer-geologist has just returned from Australia & Tasmania… she simply loved the 2nd one! 🙂

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