Melvin, 14-year-old cat.

Melvin, 14-year-old cat.

Melvin melted my heart the minute I met him at Wayside Waifs.  He certainly wasn’t beautiful in the usual sense. His ears were crinkled and bare, his fur was patchy, and he was missing his front right leg. He was probably close to being deaf. He’d had ear infections.  He could barely get up to greet me, but he tried and tried until he finally made it to the front of the kennel.  He is a very sweet and affectionate cat.

He was thought to be 14 years old when he was brought to Wayside Waifs.   Little was known about his history.  He was transferred from another shelter when it ran out of space.

I admit that my heart is easily melted, but Melvin tugged even harder at my heartstrings.  I seriously thought about bringing him home, even though my house isn’t set up for a cat that can’t get around very well. My two resident cats, who don’t get along that well with each other, were also a consideration.  Melvin worked his special cat magic on a lot of volunteers and staff members at Wayside Waifs, who called out “Hi, Melvin” whenever they passed his kennel. We were all so happy when the boyfriend of one of them recently adopted Melvin so that he can live out his final years with love and in comfort.

I’ve met a lot of wonderful cats and kittens during my six years of volunteering as a photographer at Wayside Waifs, a no-kill animal shelter in Kansas City, Missouri, but Melvin will always hold a special place in my melted heart for him.

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8 responses to “Melvin

  1. Say, “Hey Melvin” from Sandy the next time you pass by.

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  2. Oh, Catherine; my heart, too, is melting. What a little sweetheart is Melvin.
    I’m so pleased to read he will be cared for. Every creature deserves love; and this little fellow looks as though he can take as much as is available…
    Btw: Well done to you; great images. 🙂

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  3. Hello Catherine – Melvin is exactly the cat I was looking for when my lady-kitten died 4 years ago.
    Now, there is another ” sparkling ” lady-cat – 🙂 but Melvin needed such special care.
    I am sure he has, and plenty of love for more happy, quiet years.

    Amitiés – france

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  4. Any news on Melvin’s progress since my last visit?


  5. your cat is quite old…..


  6. My bud Oreo says to wish Melvin well in his new digs.

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