The Smallest Church in Iceland

Silfrastadakirkja Church in Iceland Photo Print


Driving around Iceland, you can see many small churches on the hillsides, mountain slopes and next to farm buildings.  On a visit to Iceland in August 2017, we saw this small church, Silfrastadakirkja, in northcentral Iceland.

The current Silfrastadakirkja Church was built in 1896, replacing the old church from 1842 that now is in Arbaejarsafn Museum in Reykjavik. According to a description I found of this church, this “new” church is thought to be one of the smallest if not the smallest church in Iceland. It is also octagonal, which is unusual. It sits next to a farm house. In the foreground is a hay field with hay bales wrapped in plastic to protect against moisture. A heavy fog hangs over the mountain behind the church.

Like many of the small churches in Iceland, Silfrastadakirkja is white with a red roof. Blue is also another popular color for church roofs. Despite the similarities, each Icelandic church has unique features.   In addition to the old churches, there are several new ones built in contemporary designs.


Silfrastadakirkja Church in Iceland Photo Print

Locations of Churches in Iceland.



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7 responses to “The Smallest Church in Iceland

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  2. It’s SO cute dwarfed by the hills 🙂

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  3. What a wonderful trip that must have been, Catherine.
    Looking at the link to the Church locations in Iceland; my goodness; there are soooo many.

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    • I was surprised that there were so many churches, too, because Iceland’s population is about 350,000. Most of these churches are very small, have cemeteries and are often next to farms. They seem to be important community centers in this sparsely populated country. Most of the people live near Reykjavik. Thanks for your comment, Carolyn!

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  4. Nice post regards from Uruguay


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