The Smallest Post Office in the United States

Customers visit the Ochopee, Florida, Post Office.

Traveling on Highway 41 in southern Florida, if you don’t blink, you’ll see the smallest post office in the United States. The 7- by 8-foot building, formerly a storage shed for irrigation equipment to water tomato plants, now houses a fully functioning post office.

Ochopee, Florida, Post Office Historical Sign.

The shed was pressed into service after a fire in 1952 destroyed the Ochopee general store, which previously had housed the post office. The post office is in Big Cypress National Preserve.

The building is small, but the Ochopee mail route is large, covering three counties and is about 132 miles long, according to Roadside America.


Ochopee, Florida, Post Office, Smallest in U.S. Postcard

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3 responses to “The Smallest Post Office in the United States

  1. My first thought, Catherine, was “why haven’t they replaced it?”
    Seems it must be ‘doing its job’ quite well since 1953.
    I notice the flag alongside. Is this typical of all post offices, or is it an individual choice?

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    • The area of this post office is very sparsely populated by people (It’s in a nature preserve), so I think the post office is partly a cherished novelty building because a larger building isn’t needed. I’m pretty sure that all U.S. post offices fly American flags, no matter how small.

      Thanks for your comment. Great to hear from you, Carolyn! I really enjoy your blog posts, audios and videos.

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