Kansas City Ikebana 2019 Spring Exhibition

The Japanese Tea Room was open in conjunction with the Kansas City Ikebana group’s 2019 Spring Exhibition. The Loose Park Japanese Tea Room and Garden, dedicated in July 2006, was conceived as a cultural exchange between the Sister Cities of Kurashiki, Japan and Kansas City, Missouri.

Beautiful floral artworks were on display the first weekend of April in the 37th annual Kansas City Ikebana Spring Exhibition in the Garden Center in Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri. The 2019 theme was “Branches & Baskets” in which many of the displays used branches “bestowed on Kansas City by this winter’s storms.”

The Ikebana exhibits are not judged ~ they are an exhibit of the art for its own sake.

Kansas City Ikebana, begun in 1978, is a group of people who study, teach and create displays of Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging in Kansas City.

History of the Japanese Tea Room in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City Ikebana Group

A tea tasting was offered in conjunction with the Kansas City Ikebana 2019 Spring Exhibition at Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri.


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4 responses to “Kansas City Ikebana 2019 Spring Exhibition

  1. I am fascinated by the Japanese tea ceremony.

    • The tea ceremony seems very tranquil, definitely in the moment. Our guide explained that there is a long list of topics never to be discussed in a tea ceremony, including politics, religion and family members.

      I had visited the Ikebana show several times over the years, but I never realized that there was a tea house replica in the lower level. Outside is a Japanese garden. I wish I would have gone to a tea ceremony while in Japan years ago, It’s a good reason to return!

  2. Hahah yes, Catherine; reading your reply to Rebecca I couldn’t help but agree with you. I, too, did not go to a tea ceremony while in Japan in 2017. What a wonderful reason to return!!! 🙂

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