Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzles

Key West, Florida, Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzle

Key West, Florida, Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzle

During the months of Covid 19 social distancing and the Stay-at-Home regimen, I created some of my favorite photographs as jigsaw puzzles, an entertainment that can be enjoyed at home by yourself or with family and friends. One of my favorite photographic subjects is the lighthouse, which is a symbol as well as a reality of safety and sanctuary throughout the world. Zazzle offers jigsaw puzzles in a range of sizes and levels of difficulty. You can upload your own photographs and artwork to Zazzle, creating your own jigsaw puzzles.

Click on the links beneath each jigsaw puzzle to read more about these historic lighthouses. Many of the American lighthouses are on the National Register of Historic Places.


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7 responses to “Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzles

  1. I enjoy viewing the world through you lens. How do you like working with Zazzle and Fine America?


    • Thanks, Rebecca. I like working with both Zazzle and Fine Art America, although they are both very different. On Fine Art America can you upload one photo or artwork to many products at the same time, while on Zazzle you upload to one product at a time. Buyers can transfer a photo to another product, though.

      There is a lot of interaction among artists on FAA through commenting, favoriting and liking, plus groups and contests, but nothing similar on Zazzle.

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      • Thank you, Catherine – I really appreciate your feedback because I am curious about how we are creating virtual communities via technology. I have seen and enjoyed the great connection you have with other artists. It gives great comfort, especially in this uncertain times. Love your photography!


  2. Thank you Rebecca! I do love photographing everything and also interacting with photographers, artists and writers, and you are all three!


  3. Interesting how the puzzle pieces give texture to the sky in a way that really works! Lighthouses are such a lovely extension into the sky! 😊

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