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Happy Spring!

A collage of blooming apple trees (and visiting bees) in my neighborhood.

Here's a collage of blooming apple trees (and visiting bees) in my neighborhood. (I originally designed this as a card, but I'm recycling it here.) If only I could insert the fragrance. (Blog-aroma!) It's intoxicating!

Spring officially arrived more than a month ago, but we’re just now getting lovely weather. (We did have one nice day here and there before.) The petals are already falling from the apple trees, but I’m looking forward to a succession of cheerful blooms.   Magnolia, lilac, peonies, iris, lilies…..

Moxey of Middleground explains how spring fever affects many of us in Sometimes My Train of Thought Gets Totally Derailed.  Paula of Locks Park Farm across the pond is side-tracked by the gorgeous spring weather in Devon.  Check out the photos of her adorable new puppy, which she carries in a backpack in Playing Truant.


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Spring Fever

Apple blossoms in my neighborhood. Photo by Cathy ShermanPerfumed blooms battle for attention, leaving me dizzy, intoxicated. Sun-warmed breezes take the bite from winter. Bright green buds burst forth from drab stems. Profusion, confusion.  Explosion of brilliant color. Every shade of pink, violet, purple, white, red, fuschia, yellow, green. Rebirth.  Renewal.  Cliches of spring crowd my head. No wonder I feel weak in the knees, but deliriously happy.  Flowering trees line the sidewalk in the park across the street from my house on an April morning.  Photo by Cathy Sherman.That’s why we call it spring fever.

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