Shark Attack

A shark chased a fish to the beach at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

3 responses to “Shark Attack

  1. Excellent shots with action. They are certainly in the waters even close to shore. They typically don’t attack unless something triggers their senses and there is a lot of thrashing that the shark believes is an injured fish. I definitely try to stay away from being in ocean water during dawn or dusk. I don’t go in the water much anymore anyway as compared to my old surfing days, especially when my legs dangled form the board in the water. 🙂


    • Thank you. I have snorkeled in many places, but only when the water was really clear. That way you can see your doom when it approaches. I feel that my ocean swimming days are all in the past, though. I’m too scared. 🙂 Maybe one more time in Hanauma Bay…That seems safest. Although I did see a moray eel there lurking about.


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