Sinizen “Grass Roots Culture” — Reggae Music

Sinizen Grass Roots Culture.

Download Sinizen’s new music, “Grass Roots Culture.”  One of my favorites is “Take it Easy,” but they’re all catchy tunes.

Click on “Grass Roots Culture” on Amazon to listen and to download.     Their website is  You can find them on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.  They’ll be touring again soon.  To check out the band’s tour schedule, click on

To vote on your favorite song from the album, click here to take you to the poll.


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5 responses to “Sinizen “Grass Roots Culture” — Reggae Music

  1. I love their music, but even more I love that tree graphic. Maybe I can download that for a cool t-shirt, or do they sell them?

    Ryan’s friend Doug designed the tree graphic and is working on t-shirts and the whole spectrum of band “merc”. I’ll let you know when it goes on sale! I love the music, too, and I’m not just saying that… “Take it Easy” is one of my favorites. I think it belongs in a movie. Thanks for stopping by! Cathy


  2. Tasha

    Love this post 🙂

    & btw you’re gonna think I’m overly indecisive but I’ve left wordpress and have decided to blog with blogspot! I had an issue trying to export my blog entries to my new blog but I kept getting an error. I’ve just copy and pasted each entry and changed the date on them to match their original dates.
    you can feel free to check it out (if you want) I’ve added you to my blogroll on there, so I can keep up with your blog!!!

    take care,



  3. I took your advice and downloaded the album. And I’m glad I did! I would have even paid more. 🙂

    Good stuff!


  4. I downloaded it last night! Have not yet had time to listen to it, but thanks for the gift! So nice to have access to music just for the sake of art!


  5. yay! I love reggae lately… good summer music!! 😀

    Oh and thanks for commenting on the blog about the health care reform. I was starting to feel outnumbered.


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