Radiation Dose Chart

Radiation Dose Chart

This is a chart of the ionizing dose of radiation that a person can absorb from various sources, including the amount we receive from sleeping next to someone, eating a banana, getting a chest x-ray, sitting in front of a computer screen for a year, an airplane trip from New York to California and the radiation from the destroyed Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, after the earthquake and tsunami.   Click on the chart twice to get a larger view.

Here’s a post explaining the chart and its origins from its designer. It also includes information on how to help people in Japan, who suffering from the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunami as well as those who had to be evacuated from the area around the damaged nuclear reactors.

Here’s a British Environmentalist explaining “Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power”


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5 responses to “Radiation Dose Chart

  1. That’s it! From now on I sleep alone. 🙂

    Seriously, though, I came across that chart earlier this morning and find it extremely interesting. It’s a very clever way to present the information.


  2. Scary. some things are best left “invisible”! I didn’t know about sleeping next to someone, will consider moving Bill to the basement? LOL


  3. This is just so tragic. I know a family in Sendai. They have to evacuate to the Northern part of Japan, Hokkaido. I don’t see how they can escape the effects of radiation. Now reports are saying that tap water and milk have been contaminated even in Tokyo. Sooner or later the ripples will reach our shore.


  4. Now I need to know why sleeping next to someone exposes me to radiation. I thought snoring was the worst side effect! Also, how about having a dog sleep in the bed? If you factor in eating a banana in bed and a recent mammogram, I could quite possibly glow in the dark.


  5. elissestuart

    What about sleeping with 8 pounds of Calico who might be part ragdoll?
    We have to leave a space for her in the middle as she sleeps on her back with paws up.


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