Scientists Discover Google

Facebook and Google “know” too much about me already, yet I can’t let go. I promise to post my writing soon. It’s in the works. But Shouts from the Abyss always has something intriguing to say, so I’m happy to share. Google, are you listening?

Shouts from the Abyss

In the spirit of Don’t Be Evil, I’ve got something to say.

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One response to “Scientists Discover Google

  1. Isn’t that Newt thing random, though?

    That image still tickles me so, of course, I’m thrilled you reblogged it. Thanks so much!

    While working on my idea of showing how large Google has become (about nine times the size of Jupiter) I also did a Google Image Search for something to do with “electron microscope.” That’s where the inset image came from. It’s a picture of a virus. I don’t remember which one. But isn’t it creepy? To me, I looked at it and thought, “It’s a phallic symbol on spider legs.”

    I guess the connection to Newt wasn’t so random after all. 🙂


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