Black Cats are Enchanting!

Sharpietoo is looking for his forever home. Black cats are a very popular motif during the Halloween season, but in real life, black cats have a harder time finding a home.

During the Halloween season, black cats are so, so popular — or so you’d think since they are everywhere in decorations and designs. However, being part of the scary Halloween motif perhaps isn’t such a bonus for black cats because they have a harder time being adopted year-round than any other color. The same is true for dogs.

Sharpietoo, featured here in three photographs, (Isn’t he gorgeous?) doesn’t know he has that strike against him. He’s extremely friendly, and not only that, he does tricks. He was one of the easiest cats I’ve ever photographed at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, Missouri. He would stand or sit with the wave of my hand. Sharpietoo has a short, shiny coat and a patch of white at his throat. He’s a sweet, muscular cat of about 12 pounds, sleek like a jaguar. He’ll find a way to fit on your lap.

Sharpietoo poses. Isn't he adorable!

Sharpietoo has another strike against him. He tested positive for FIV, a virus that weakens a cat’s immune system. This doesn’t need to be a problem, even though an FIV positive cat won’t be able to get rid of the virus. An FIV positive cat can lead a long, healthy life if he is kept indoors, fed a healthy diet and gets regular vet check-ups. FIV can be spread to other cats through bites and scratches, so an FIV positive cat should be an only cat or live with other FIV positive cats. FIV is a weak virus that doesn’t live outside the body. Only cats can get FIV, so dogs, other animals and people won’t be infected.

Sharpietoo’s Felineality type is Personal Assistant, which means that he likes people and wants to hang out. Felineality is a feline personality assessment. People can meet their feline match by taking their own assessment. Check out the “Meet Your Match” survey here.

Sharpietoo was found as a stray, and was originally named Sharpie when he arrived because of his dark inky color.  But wouldn’t you know, another cat in the shelter was already named Sharpie. What are the odds?

To learn more about Sharpietoo and other cats and kittens (and dogs and puppies) available for adoption, click on Wayside Waifs.  Wayside Waifs, a no-kill shelter, regularly has about 300 animals available for adoption and places more than 5,000 animals a year in forever homes.

Sharpietoo shows off his sleek Jaguar-like physique.


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5 responses to “Black Cats are Enchanting!

  1. I hope he’ll find his home. He’s so gorgeous.


  2. Our local Humane Society won’t let people adopt black cats around Halloween because of all the nut cases out there. He is a gorgeous cat, especially with that snazzy red collar!


  3. Wendy Winder

    Black cats are more friendly than white cats, I know this based on experience… all the stray black cats I have encountered are more friendly that other cats Ive seen. Hope he gets adopted soon!


  4. My boys started volunteering at our local no-kill shelter this summer and I now have three cats. No black ones though.


  5. Yeah, Jan, I’d be wary of someone who wants a pet just because a particular holiday is rolling around.

    Tammy, LOL! They sure are irresistible, aren’t they? 🙂 I went to look at the last two left in a litter and, whoops, now we have two cats!

    Sharpietoo is gorgeous. Stunning. A fine example of the perfect design of cats. I’d never heard of FIV before. That sure is a hideous name, but it sounds like it can still work out with the right loving home and circumstances.

    Personal Assistant? Wow, that sounds neat. Unfortunately mine are rated “Attack” and “Eat.” 🙂


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